February 10, 2012

Coughie Mornings

We sat around the table, me with my cup of tea, while the boys had their usual morning coffee, cigarette and wheech-up-the-way, to clear the lungs.

Anyhow, I came across a book a day or two prior that I used to read to them as they were growing up, called Tim Kipper.  With funny illustrations, the story was about a young lad who started smoking, which led to a consequential chimney growing from his head, with every puff he took.....!  Adam still remembered some of the verse and he saw that I was touched by this but saddened that he was now a smoker.

" I know, mum"  he sheepishly answered.  " But everywhere is adapting to the new laws.  Even long haul flights insist that smoking is strictly outside only."

" Well," sighed I, "that's something I suppo....."

If only there had been a book available back then to help recognise  the signs of future smart-fucking Alecs........


Anonymous said...

....got tae keep Mrs.Kezley on her toes y'know......she's tea-totally...!♣!

Dunstabelle said...

My son is Dyslexic and this was the first book he learnt to read off by heart. He absolutely loved it!

Helena said...

I'm happy to hear that! Tim Kipper will be around in my household for many decades to come...!

.....and I'm happy to report that my son's no longer a smoker!!☺!