November 18, 2011

The Pup, The Popstar and The Press

Meet Alexandra Goldendoodle. Or Alex for short. She's my friend Linda's 9-month old labradoodle. Linda works tirelessly for the charity Canine Partners UK, which train dogs to help benefit the lives of the disabled both indoors and outdoors. To widen charity interest they came up with the idea of getting Alex snapped with as many willing celebrities of soap, cinema, sport and comedy as possible at hotels, shows, back stage passes and such like venues. Linda's sister resides in London and does her part in celeb-chinning!
The story was covered by the Daily Record in September, but now Linda's focusing on the music scene. To boot things into gear, my son's band NO NEED FOR IDOLS has offered to perform a charity gig for Canine Partners in the near future where Alex will be the star of the gig/show. Oooooh! I've never tried Agadoo with anybody with more than two legs before!  Here's a snap of Adam with Alex the wonder-dog. She is so full of shaggy love and affection!

I've popped up a slideshow ( including some with simple Alex poses!) of other 'celebs' including James Corden, Gerard Butler and Scottish artist Jack Vettriano. British readers will be (obviously) in with a shout of recognising the faces - even the ones we've not seen in years.......soz!


thingy said...

It's a wonderful cause. Adorable. Alex and Adam.

Ooh, I love 'Wasted City.' Terrific.

Lena said...

Many thanks Thingy! I'll be uploading their new songs in my sidebar soon....the album's still selling, so it'll not be for a few weeks!

I'm amazed at the things Alex does around the house. It'll be a great gig, too. She'll probably be DJ!!

Scumbag Sam said...

Can I just say, I want that dog!!! :)

Thought I'd pop the website URL here whilst I remember, because I know I'll 'forget' to write a blog any time soon! hehe.


Deborah said...

How wonderful, and what a gorgeous dog :o)

Lena said...

Thanks for the link, Sam! I'll check it out soon as I've finished my Magpie!
ps.......are you SURE you don't want the kid instead.....???

Alex is a fabulous canine. I adore her labrador mate, Heston, whom she resides with, too. It'll be heart-breaking for Linda and Bongo to see her move on to her next stage training!