November 29, 2011


My baby boy turns 18 tomorrow.  I can't believe it. Already.  The nurses in maternity dubbed him The Golden Child as he had the most beautiful sheen to his hair.  His birthday is also St. Andrews Day. Not only that but he'd have shared the same birthday as his Grandpa Frank had he lived. 

Anyway - as you can imagine, most teens hitting the milestone age wants to get out there with their mates and get wasted and be rowdy. Loud music and vomit filled celebrations. Right? Not him.

He wants a quiet drink in the house with his dad and brother, as he has saved hard and is off to Oban with his girlfriend and her family staying in her uncle's holiday mansion just by the sea, to mark the occasion. So I've compiled him a little slideshow to see him off and honour his age at the same time. My little boy, all grown up and in love.  Adamski.

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Raajii said...

Aww... thats so cute. Happy Birthday to him :-)