November 04, 2011

Their Song, His Romance

My youngest son is a strapping lad.  Not yet 18 but sporting a beard that is now long enough to plait.  He takes lids off jars as he spins them, blows up and bursts hot-water bottles as his party piece, and lifts the back end of cars up if need be!  You'd never think to look at him he'd be capable of something like this:

As his girlfriend attended an awards ceremony for work she'd done in Lourdes, he spent hours making this  for her return.  In all it's sweet, dodgy-grammar glory, it brought tears to my eyes.  But no-one knows better than me just how big that heart is. And to think the most romantic thing I ever got from his dad was a bloke in a gorilla suit bursting into my work with a bunch of flowers for me............! 

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