November 21, 2011

Missing Link

In a pocket was a piece of paper, writing looked like yours
Remorse it gushed right at me, through it's hard and fearsome shores
I loved as much as hating you, disastrous to the last
It takes more than blocked out visions to immobilise the past 

Who could bind the mindless notions that were floating in my head?
Neon lights and sundry rays, all challenged to embed.
I caught the vision, gave it thought, sparked the naked flame
Would resting on my laurels not just aggravate the game?

I found you as I left you, on that night of dying shades
Not a single drop of hatred dripping downwards from the blades
Forgiveness chases chances in a circular cease-fire
Can I really hang the painting as our colours now transpire?

Drawing ever nearer,  a fear that fears comply
But you smile and laugh and reach out, trap my hand between your thighs
Sweeping hair from porcelain,  I lean in for a kiss
Could a man be such a doubter of his solid parti pris..?

You move in closer to me, in scents of evergreen
With the power to crush an angel and render it obscene
Caught us in a low sensation,  a soulful, still degree
Sweetest moments as we have it and unjust, cold symmetry

I loved you and I hated you,  but cannot do without
The feeling left within me when your aura's not about
You're tender yet you're trouble, very rarely catch a wink
Click into our prime position, my forever missing link 



Brian Miller said...

Forgiveness chases chances in a circular cease-fire...that just makes a cool sound coming out of my mouth...also really like...i love you, i hate you, but can not do without...nice...i know that feeling...haha

Sue said...

I think we've all been there once or twice.

Lots of beautiful language here.


Cad said...

A very satisfying poem.

Jinksy said...

Forgiveness chases chances in a circular cease-fire

I love the rhythms in your poem, despite its love/hate vibe! LOL ♥

Doctor FTSE said...

Rhythmic and nicely rhymed, and tells a story. Good.

Nicholas V. said...

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin, aren't they?
Good poem, I enjoyed its rhythm!

thingy said...

Oh, a very serious piece. Really amazing, Lena.

Helen said...

This is wonderful ... the last line my very favorite.

Friko said...

Your protagonist is in a pickle. I know all about not making ones mind up.
You produce excellent rhymes.

Evalinn said...

That´s beautifully told!

Anonymous said...

nice story and flow

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Oh what tales those sofas tell - excellent!

Anna :o]