November 14, 2011

Fidelity Knell

They fed themselves a pellet each,
washed down with syrup wine.
Huddled close into the duvet,
feeling ever so inclined...

To call their spouses, say goodbye,
it really was the end.
Of life in utter misery,
no need to condescend.

One tender kiss, then closing eyes
just waiting for the lure.
To tempt them into paradise's
grandest ever tour.

A garden filled with safety nets,
where waters never drown.
Vernal twists with violets,
binding your acceptance crown.

A sky where rainbows' arched and domed.
Contentment, worry free.
Taking love's ultimate step,
a harp to render thee.

Soon his body bended over,
stomach retched in twisted pain.
Floods of pandemonium went,
coursing through his veins.

He grabbed her hand against the pull
crepuscule calling near. 
Ensuring their allegiance
in the terror of her tears.

All at once the toll of bells
drowned out the calming strings.
Him returning while she
hadn't earned the right to wings.

He vaporised before her eyes,
thick mist hung in the air.
And all around her as she turned - 
and endless field of chairs.

Where were the steps to Heaven,
stairs forgiving with each climb.
Guess she'll sit there being capsuled
into limbo's telling time.......



Morning said...

hopefully, it is worthy.
love the detailed imagery.

Sue said...


In limbo is not a good place to be.


Brian Miller said...

ugh...shivers...def not a place where i want to be left to sit...

Tumblewords: said...

An excellent read - provocative thoughts and well crafted piece...

Nicholas V. said...

Wonderful poem and "limbo" is really an apt description of this place she is in.
Great take on this Magpie!

Doctor FTSE said...

Disconcerting, but good writing.

Helen said...

.... that guilty limbo ~ never want to visit! Nice work!

Lyn said...

But she will eventually get out of limbo..anyway, I think so...Life, or a dream? done with great skill..