November 07, 2011

The Death Of Casino............

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The Death Of Casino........

Before the odd one or two get up off their swivel chair in sheer elation, it's not really the end of the band. Just the name. The guys have had to come up with another title. Search engines and general enquiries for the band have often been bypassed as today's gambling mad society automatically presumes that you're some sort of bookie fodder looking to waste away another week's wages in no time at all. Try googling Casino for yourself. It's mince.

The guys just played a recent wonder-gig at Leith Theatre to around 400 top nobs who are quite happy to see them back. Their Saturday gig in 20 Rocks was bloody phemi famonima phemomi  magic! Black Eye played stompingly good and 'new tune' has a fabulous little keys-up accompaniment to it. Gets to your heart, that does. 

So what's the new name of the band.......? The guys have decided on *Hotel India*. Obviously, it'll take time to get used to and a lot of editing on their videos and things but I hope it catches on. Only problem is googling that name. Until the guys are recognised with it, it's gonna give you hotels all over blummin' India. But their boss has a passion/obsession for India and he wants to give it a go but.........well, it's like calling that cuddly teddy you've loved and cherished for years by another name at night. Wrong 'til it feels right, I suppose! But before I's what happened on Saturday night - I'll change fonts.....*ahem*
Hotel India's sound checking was running a good bit late and the doorman/promo git said to me when I got my ticket out:
"Would you mind going back downstairs  'til the bands are ready, please?"
Ross (PrettyBoy) comes over and says:
"She's ma maw"
Git replied:
"Oh? Just through there then, madam....."
Sweet as! Ah, the perks of the getting-there famous!

I'm leaving a rather crappy (recording) of the guys' new song (that I've dubbed 'Inbetween' for now) on my other ABDTS blog. I will add lyrics. Catchy little bugger........!

ps......if anyone is wondering about the new profile pic it's to support the charity Movember........!


Kirsty said...

As all the indie's say "it's all just a label providing the tune"

I thought you were tumlin' last night missus...??

Lena said...

Sorry, missus! I've not accounted for my tumbling bits yet!

They're doin ma effin' head in! They need to annoy people more. Actually the name change had to be done as there were problems with copyright with some Stereophonic reject band's had or summit! I suppose that recognition a bit then!