September 26, 2011

Sweet Inversion

Sweet Invertion
Magpie 84

How I love it when it lashes
smearing make up, clinging clothes
Then the thunder when it bashes,
stirs the sins I then impose
And when she throws her meanest flashes,
collects the screams among the woes
I pray it never ever passes,
and the venom in her grows
Carried winds make many crashes,
cars colliding, over-flows
Suburbia's pristine it trashes
no time first to presuppose.
For daylight's darkest caches,
released in violent blows
Never, ever please the masses,
but they're my sweetest repose

The aftermath, the swirling ashes,
kicks around in sunlight's glows
Only now there's tiny splashes
and the sweetest smell of rose


Brian Miller said...

nice...this has a wicked flow to it...i love the full fury of a storm and stand in wonder at it...andi love the smell once it passes...nicely penned...

Martin said...

"...daylight's darkest caches,
released in violent blows" - the essence of a storm. Nice one.

Roy Schulze said...

Nicely done.

Tess Kincaid said...

Delicious rhythm and flow...sounds wonderful...I had to read it out loud...

Helen said...

OH .. I would LOVE to hear you read this aloud!!!

Words A Day said...

you've such a knack with rhyming and rhythm!

thingy said...

"collects the screams among the woes." Holy cow, I love it.

Catfish Tales said...

Wonderful cacophony! And with the nicely added touch of the red shawl.

Lena said...

Brain - ah thanks - always the gent.

Martin - thank you.

Roy - and a-thanka-you-too!

Tess - Out loud? Wow!

Helen - Thank you so much. I hate the sound of my 'speaking' voice but tolerate it more if I sing.

Words - I struggled with this one, but still managed somehow to come up with yet another repetitive

Thingy - you is very kind, you is very kind indeed.....!

Shers - thanks. I thought I'd a bit of animation to this weeks' entry.

Nicholas V. said...

Your poem captures the energy of the elements very well and the rhyme and rhythm evoke the falling rain. Lovely!

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Loverly rhythm indeed - energy rushing through. Great write.

Anna :o]