September 06, 2011

Shot To Pieces

 This prompt (taken from a farm)  shot my memory back to our local farmer having to give up his family business over 30 years ago. A popular  walkway passing the farm, it is now sad to see the few remains. His shotgun was heard nearly every day!!  Farmer Brown's  (yes, that WAS his real name!)  wife was the primary school nurse, an old battleaxe in short, but we were sorry to see her go............!  I'm on her side in this one!!

Bated, corrugated, barn barren with no hay
The hen hut shut, farm in a rut, unable to defray

Scattered feathers, no goats to tether, chains attached to walls
Nothing there, no eggs to spare, abandonment befalls

Fields of rye, left to die, from gold to marshy mud
Pestilence, shot eminence, in answer to the crud

The tractor rusted, the truck they trusted, to haul things here and there
Simply stayed, their long pervade, no need now to prepare

Mechanisms, no farming schisms, left to back him up
Slowly dying, forever trying, to pass him the grace cup.

The house is left, a love bereft, more silent than before
Memories, gone yesterdays, so happy theretofore

A lifetimes worth, met dire dearth, worked hard to localize
Help is needed, his cries unheeded, to profits that paralyze



richard said...

Hello, Lena. That sad fact is the earth does not produce enough food to feed today's population, and the population continues growing.

Nicholas V. said...

Lena, the picture inspired me to rhyme also, this week. It was a bitter seed of a picture that prompted the thorny sprouts of your poetry... Sad but realistic.

gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful piece!

hitching a ride in rusted trails

Helen said...

You poem is perfect! One of my favorites .... it happened to my grandparents too .. the Eagan Farm.

Lena said...
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Lena said...

Richard - you're spot on. In amongst all the greed and wealth, there are still people starving.

Nicholas - thank you. It was sad to walk 'The Fermer's Chase' (the name the public road splitting his fields was coined by locals) and see it so bare. The tookulooks (Scottish vernacular for 'hens') were fairly friendly, too. I never thought I'd ever write a poem about it 30 years on! That's the magic of Magpie's!

Gautami - thanks for visiting. I'll call on you shortly....

Helen - Thank you.....local businesses being swallowed by big-wigs. It's sad but a sad fact of living now.

Doctor FTSE said...

Lovely rhymes and internal rhymes in your forlorn poem.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Nice take!


Trellissimo said...

A great interpretation of the picture, and an interesting poem.

Erratic Thoughts said...

Ouch!that was harsh reality...
I liked how you have weaved words with emotions!

Jinksy said...

Internal rhymes to convey a solemn message earn a big tick from me.

Anonymous said...

I like this, Lena. Very melodic and the rhyme scheme is awesome.

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Beautiful use of rhyming couplets.