September 20, 2011

S'nakedly Yours

( Found it a bit tricky to come up with something this week, but look forward to entries just the same. If I may add that the poem is reading from two perspectives, and the last piece I formatted in this way confused some, but I'm sure you'd have worked it out anyhow....doh!....XxX....)

Camouflaged by all of nature,
blending in where there's a patch.
Calling allays, freak behaviour,
never knowing when I'll latch.

The forest calls, I am pursuing,
his very heart I need to tread.
Such creatures in divine dominion,
lull welcomed rituals overhead. 

Winding all roads, creeping, smelling,
exotic blooms that germinate.
Spied you praying by river,
so effortless to terminate.

A pool delays me, vast and stunning,
crystal with a sparkling fall.
I thirst inside and she shall quench me,
in her aqua beauty that enthralls.

I'll wrap you in divine curvation,
bit by bit your breath will cease.
I'll nose about the whole length of you,
I've complacency yet to appease.

I feel there's eyes somewhere upon me,
pulses quicken, forest looms.
The water therefore might forsake me,
tempting me with sweet perfumes.

They say you can be quite enchanting,
hold the power to hypnotise.
Rapid response, muscles moving,
you're the perfect partner to chastise.

Cautiously, I try to listen,
worthy is your want to stun, but
but from the hemline of my silk robe,
a silver flute reflects the sun. 

Close to death, I'll hear you whisper,
pleading for just one more sigh.
The jungle echoes, wings a batting,
shrieks erase your pitied cry.

Motionless, your body stiffens,
gentle quavers signal through.
My serpent, in this turned cognition....
May I ask who's leading who?

Coiled around you, passion growing
Hear my notes till death curtails.
Obeying what's become my captor 
To reach our own chromatic scales.



Helen said...

The dialogue is positively hypnotic! Musical, lyrical full of motion.

The Tame Lion said...

Impressive! Well done!

Reflections said...

Love the lyrical feel to this piece. Well done.

Brian Miller said...

wow this is a bit surreal...nose about you the whispering singing me to death...watching out for that snake...smiles.

Stafford Ray said...

I had no idea snakes have chromatic scales! Does that mean omega3-rich fish have diet-onic scales?
I note you do a bit of sillyable trimming yourself too! :-)

gautami tripathy said...


while the instrument plays

Isabel Doyle said...

I enjoyed your conversation - especially the chromatic scales - very clever

Friko said...

hm, sexy!

The Cello Strings said...

very creative tale.

Erratic Thoughts said...

I loved the structure of the piece and the title...Nice imagery in there:)
Excellent write!

Lena said...

Helen - many thanks. I try!

Tame Lion - give us a comment box sometime! I love your site!

Petri - always a pleasure accepting your comments.

Brian - it was a difficult prompt for me this week - needed 2 days to complete this time.!

Stafford - Me? Short'n wrds? Nevr! I'd b'swel hitn twn n buyn me a mo' pho....!

Gautami - thank you, too. My visit will be soon!

Isobel - thank you so much. I wasn't that sure if it was okay or not, but I'm glad you liked it. *smiles*

Friko - lol.....I do like a bit of 'snake in the grass'......!

Cello - a musical thanks!

Err - Thank you so much. I've just been visitng you....!!lol

lucychili said...

love the colour and flow of this.
my garden is southern and growing into spring. best wishes j