September 28, 2011

I'm Still Here You Lovely Gits!!!!

Since joining a few poetry and short story groups here on Blogger, my passion has led to me being a little lax on the general things I used to blog about. I was fairly regular in letting the world know about me and me family and we mad goings on and others had a reasonable amount of interest in this and, of course, I in their lives, too. Since regaining my passion for mucking about creatively with words, a few have since absconded and not returned, although I still make regular visits to them. We're only talking about a handful here, nothing vast, but I do miss their input. I regained an old pleasure, upped in confidence, but on my 'old' posts they'd comment but never on my poetry stuff, but that eventually trickled to nil. Not that I wanted anyone to read what they maybe didn't like, but just at least say hi. Ah, well. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I always leave a tip, even if the tea stinks and I only had a sip. Of course, some would demand another cup, so maybe they've just buying a better brand elsewhere.
   Anyhow - I will try to fit in in future, a quick run down of what's happening in the real world of Lena henceforth - even if it is just once a fortnight. Not really to try lure them back but simply keep a diary of 'wots'appenings' at home. Comments or not! Starting from tomorrow. For tonight, there's a Chelsea footie match on downstairs but upstairs I've a hot date with Simon Baker! Trouble is he's got 101 and other girls to sleep with tonight, too......ah, Simon....c'mere lover and let me kiss that busted lip better........

Helena is actually 83rd on the list!! Some fantasies are too good to be true...? Don't I know it..........!



thingy said...

On my blog, I have poetry commenters and pondering commenters. They rarely cross over. Makes me sad when some of my 'regulars' just go away.

I don't know what has happened to all the poetry clan. They just disappeared. Just could be I'm not their cup o' tea. : (

Scumbag Sam said...

awww, I do read your poetry, but never comment for fear of making myself sound stoopid! haha! Keep writing and posting, as the true followers appreciate any kind of blog you have to offer! x

Lena said...

Thanks for getting in touch, Sam. Always nice to know you're still around. You're young (and funny and sweet) and a ruddy hard working student, so I really didn't mind that you weren't always commenting, at least I know you were there! I get the odd visit from the facebook gang, or tumblr's, (young 'uns!) now and again. It's more the 'my age' ones' comments I miss, coz we used to have a lot in common.