September 12, 2011

How (spooky's) Zat...!!

             (This one's for fun, as the instant I saw him, I thought he was a cricketer....!)

Oi! You who haunts my house and garden
Believe me, I never give pardon
I admire attempts used to displace
Clad all in white with fearsome face

But, my home's now built on your old ground!
There's nothing here you need redound
Why not linger long at Lords
And spook out souls with joint accords

Those sticks and wecks...? That, thing that smashes!
Just to take home some weird 'ashes'
Can't find the fun in this here game
Too namby-pamby,  far too lame

STILL, I'd guess at what bust your eye socket ?
A cricket ball rubbed down a pocket.
And slung at you but ha! You missed!
Not quite as clever with that wrist

You maybe once played near these grounds
Though I'M here now, I won't denounce
How such a man could not demean
A girl from an ex-rugby team

I'll let you leave with half a face
And pink streaks down your stroking place
You'll never scare me, no, you'll not
Even with your best attacking shot

So take ye off to pastures fresh,
And away from we, who in the flesh
Would take defeat but never haunt
Those in life, we used to taunt

My first and more serious effort lies directly below or via HERE


thingy said...

Boy, did he haunt the wrong person. Ha! Love it.

Jo Bryant said...

I love this - so great

Reflections said...

Nailed it! Love the humor in this one and the liberties with the image.

Mystic_Mom said...

Nicely done, love this humor and great editing on the photo!

Brian Miller said...

haha the mad cricket man...smiles...loved it...and i am smiling...

Trellissimo said...

A cricketer's a nightnare, alright!

Lena said...

Thingy - thanks you m'dear. Late in catching up this week - be over soon!

Jo - I've been a bit serious these past 3 Magpie's, and my humorous side was getting a bit jealous, so I was forced to come up with this....!

Petri - lol....liberty is so right. I still respect the artist, but I'm a terrible tamperer and photoshop wannabe!

MM - You're too kind. I edit every time, but it's usually subtle....! It's like my daft little signature.

Lena said...

Hi Brian - nut job week I'm afraid!

Trellis - It is the one sport I cannot find in the least bit interesting - despite some cracking terminology...!

Nicholas V. said...

This is quite different! The other side of the coin. Well done!
You got good mileage out of that image, Lena!

Stafford Ray said...

Would you put your ghost in slips?

Lucy Westenra said...

I just love this inventive interpretation of the prompt.

Lena said...

Nicholas - I did travel a bit longer this week. I'm running on unleaded this week!

Stafford - I'd put him in frilly pink ones and he'd be happy about it!!

Luce - thank you. It's always a pleasure to recieve your comments!

The Cello Strings said...

you are so creative.
two magpie tales...

Helen said...

Wow! Both pieces are just incredible.