August 29, 2011

Who Needs A Mac?

Come out tonight and jump the puddles
Splash some love across the street
Feel the trickles down your collar
With each forecaster's fine deceit

Clouds of anger, keep collecting
Changing white to midnight grey
Lash reserves on cobbles, gratings
So many signs to disobey

Coloured lights pierce through the torrents
Tempting us to go inside
Nab a drink and sit there tingling
Clean the corners of our minds

Clothes cling tight, twist and gather
Shoes they squelch with every stride
Hair is pasted, make up wasted
Worries for a short time slide.

November rain persists to call us
Out into the back street lights
Run with laughter, failed umbrella
Catch the essence of the night

Make wishes as the ripples join up
Waterfalls down window panes
Rain ever cursed from sheltered beings
Whose appeal continues to arcane



Reflections said...

This reminded me of playing in puddles as a child... laughing and running through the rain.

Lena said...

shhhhh....I still do!!

Brian Miller said...

smiles...this captured the fun of puddle jumping and playing in the to dance with the one i love in the rain...

thingy said...

Lena, I loooooove this. Wonderful.

Theresa Milstein said...

You evoked all the senses. I really loved this poem.

Lisa B said...

Thought it was wonderful and evoked some powerful childhood memories for me!

Helen said...

... reminds me of 'walkin' in the rain with the one you love' ... I enjoyed this!

++ congrats to your boy wonder!

Stafford Ray said...

"Come out tonight and jump the puddles
Splash some love across the street"
Wait, I'm on my way!

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Oh I do like this. Excellent.

Anna :o]

Morning said...

musical and cheerful tale.
love it.

Morning said...
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Morning said...
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Nicholas V. said...

I love the sheets of rain falling on red umbrella.
Wonderful description of the joys of falling rain, reminded me of a Bollywood film with great joyous celebrations of the coming of the welcome monsoon rains.

Trellissimo said...

Tales me back to the childrens' childhood. Very nice!

Lena said...

Brian - leave out the wellies for even more fun!

Thingy - thankyou....and yours, too!

Theresa - thanks so much. I look forward to sharing more Magpie's with you....x

Lisa - thanks. Rain a kids - a wonderful combination.

Helen - thank you. And thanks for PrettyBoy's congrats......he'll be off someday....!!

Stafford - Get a ruddy move on....!lol

Anna - you (and the 'pidie) are too sweet! Thankyou.

Morning - thanks....and for stopping by!

Nicholas - I adore Bollywood films. Monsoon theme even better!

Trellisimo - I love rain-induced snaps. Got lots with the kids wasn't too happy mind you....!!