August 10, 2011


Bobbie-Jo, run away with me
Take us off into the night
Find a room with Magic Fingers
And a calming amber light

Bobbie-Jo, pack up your swimsuit
And we'll go live by the sea
Ocean sprays against your shoulders
As your shoulders rest on me.

Bobbie-Jo, let's find a preacher
Who'll bless us before shame
Be the husband that your father loathes
When you eradicate his name.

Bobbie-Jo, I'll find a ladder
And within an hour or two
I'll tap your bedroom window
And we'll head for Xanadu.

Joseph-Bob, what are you doing?
Squashing my hibiscus bush!
Where did that ladder come from....
I expect to hear the truth....!!

Mrs Jones, I climbed the ladder
To alert my Bobbie-Jo
We were thinking of eloping
Now we'll never, ever know

Mr.Jones came to the window
I'd misjudged the actual room
Shoved me back into the night air
Onto your beloved bloom

Mrs Jones was struck, dumbfounded
Father loved his baby girl
But the story had to be told
How BJ came into the world:

I was slung over his shoulder
Down a ladder, in a car
Drove us off into the night
South to West Virginia

Bobbie-Jo, she was born out there
Reached four before we wed
You'll both be tinged with temple grey
Before HE'LL give the go ahead

Joe, buy a sparkly little gem
To place upon her hand
And if her father starts, I'll take him
Back to Retroland


The Cello Strings said...

lovely blog.
keep your poetry beautiful.

Erratic Thoughts said...
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Erratic Thoughts said...

I enjoyed this very much...
I read it again for the sheer pleasure of it...Wistful persuasion in the first part, goof-up of the wrong room in the second part, Shoving off the ladder...
Nice Nice Nice!

Doctor FTSE said...

Full on televisual!

Linda R. said...

Very beautiful...the mother did not want the daughter to go through what she did. Nice to have an ally.

Nicholas V. said...

I also enjoyed your poem veyr much and it was great to have the two different perspectives fo the scene linked together.

Steve Isaak said...

Good use of voice and verses - effective, entertaining.

*^_^* said...

Wonderful! Fantastic!

Helen said...

I think your Magpie is enchanting!

thingy said...

Oh, this is a great prompt. Enjoyed every one of them.

This is so beautifully written, Lena.

Bee's Blog said...

Now this is imagination at its very best. A fun poem so well written. I love it!