August 15, 2011

Colour Me Kindly

Oh, heck, I'm being stripped again
This new lot seem quite deranged!
Why can't they move in quietly
Without the need to change?

They'll size me, analyse me,
Slide a sliver of cement
Pop a lid and grab some brushes
Charge with purposeful intent

What ruddy colour will they choose?
Shall I end a sorry sight ?
Princess pink or football blue?
A silent wall hermaphrodite!

Or will they go the whole hog
And repaper me again?
I'd quite like giant flowers
In that look of misty rain.

Or will they cheapen me with basic?
Anaglypta? Wooden chips?
I demand a roll that bounces back
When you lift your fingertips!!

Yet, for decorative fulfillment
Frames refreshed in all the rooms
I'll inhale, seep up, in every pore
Till I'm high on glossy fumes

Once I'm dry, they'll likely hang me
With the tackiest of stuff
Or trust to me, a huge TV
Till the rawlplugs' have had enough

Gee, I feel so awfully helpless
The 3 piece suite is facing me
I'll be gawped at for the next ,blah, years
So I pray - be kind to me!


JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Same here, I now pray, please be kind to me...

Like it!


Jinksy said...

A silent wall hermaphrodite!

Magical phrase! LOL

Brian Miller said...

smiles. nice using the perspective of the wall...oh i imagine they feel completely used, being forced change to the whim of each person...

Words A Day said...

Great fun, and so true what we do to poor walls, I love the pov taken, and like jinksy, love the line -A silent wall hermaphrodite!

Susannah said...

:-) Brilliant, I loved it. What a fun take on the prompt picture! :-)

Lena said...

Thank you, my so-far fellow Magpies.

JJ - T'will be a pleasure!

Jinksy - looking forward to your picture edit...!

Brian - I kind of sympathise with the's kinda like us still having our mum put out our clothes for us!

WAD - so true! The abuse my walls have suffered over the years!!

Susannah - I like seeing the cheery in almost everything..!

Donna B said...

BRAVO! I bow to your creativity....

Kristen Haskell said...

I had to laugh at a silent wall hermaphrodite - that was hilarious and very creative!

Lena said...

Thank you ladies.....

Strummed Words said...

Very clever rhyming! I feel sorry for the house!


...always a clever read and ride whenever i come here at your lair.. and the scent of paints aren't so addictive, are they??lol... a silent wall hermaphrodite - yeah, who cares 'bout the real gender...hehe...;P


rel said...

Ah, if walls could talk. Could we stand the tales they'd tell?

Kirsty said...

Got me thinking about another rip to the walls, now! That should make for a good bicker later ♥

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Brilliant stuff - never considered the rooms point of view!

Anna :o]

Lolamouse said...

Thanks for the giggle this morning! I love the phrase "a silent wall hermaphrodite!"

Old Ollie said...

like your use natural language

thingy said...

The wall would hate me. I like to paint and hang things upon it.

Very clever take, Lena. : )

Trellissimo said...

Lovely rhyming! Lovely anthropomorphism of a romm.

Lena said...

Donna - I give a little curtsey back here!

Kristen - can't make its mind up!lol

Strum - I feel sorry for any house I've owned, that's for sure.

Kelvin - thank's so much, young lad. Your comments are always welcomed.

Rel - if my walls bribed me with hush money I'd have the biggest conservatory in the neighbourhood!

Kirsty - go for gold, hen! He won't know what's hit him with

Hyper - thanks so much. I suppose the walls are the true bearers!lol

Lola - I suppose it's

Ollie - thank you, although my natural language has had to be toned down a bit.....*ahem*

Thingy - exactly the same for me...!!

Trellissimo - thank you. I needed a trip to the dictionary however *blush*

Nicholas V. said...

Now this reminded me like something out fo Alice in Wonderland - wonderful Magpie! :-)

Erratic Thoughts said...

What a lovely way to describe the anguish of a silent wall!
I loved it!

Janice said...

Oh, my! So that's what my walls have been thinking all these years!

Lena said...

Nicholas - I often play in Lena-Land, too!

Erratic - I do love giving (cemented) things a

Janice - thank goodness they CAN'T talk...!!

Stafford Ray said...

At last someone speaking up for the walls! And so eloquently too.
I have a rule. (Broken in cases of grot or decay) Live in a house for a year before changing anything. Give it time to present its case.