August 22, 2011

Riding To Boogie-Woogie

This week's entry was a bit of a struggle for me, I never got that instant direction to where my poems usually take me. However, a few family members seem to think that the anonymous lad in the car resembles my son's friend, Blair. I'm not so sure. What do you think?

Mirror, I like what I see
I'm off to Rigsby Hall
Footloose and excited
Jitterbug's and swinging dolls

Hitch a ride with Faith and Jenny
Like the ruby of their lips
Walk into the venue
With a girl for either hip

Looking round at all the sweethearts
Through the thickening smoke cloud
While the music and the mirror ball
Cast temptation to the crowd

Not war-torn nor depleted
Floor as scuffed as soldiers' hearts
This dance hall's masterful with moves
To ensure fear's kept apart

Dance away, you little devils
Of the brass and of the bone
Deliberate your curfew
We will always hold one's own

Be a sweet little wallflower
Or the jiver of romance
Not even Father's rage will
Kill the music or the dance



Brian Miller said...

ha hope armagedon does not come soon, i want to keep on dancing..know what i am saying...smiles. i do see a bit of resemblance there...

Helen said...

Absolutely, I see the resemblance. I had a friend in grade school (the late 40s) who looked like the young man in the photo. He is now the mayor of the little town we grew up in, fancy that!!!

thingy said...

I love this, Lena! Just fabulous.

Me too. I see a resemblance.

Steve Isaak said...

Exemplary work.

Lolamouse said...

I also see the resemblance. And I love the poem!

moondustwriter said...

yes - would be fun to draw a portrait likeness / they would line up

also a delightful dance back in time

Erratic Thoughts said...

Yes,I see the resemblance...Wow!
N I am dancing...n I enjoyed your poem very much:)

Lena said...

Thank you guys and gals......I suppose it's a compliment the kids peeking over my shoulder when I'm MTing it! One Blair is enough for any world, but I like to think this lookey-likey is still around...!


..struggle? but this works amazingly.. "Dance away, you little devils Of the brass and of the bone
Deliberate your curfew We will always hold one's own" ...this moves my feet twice as good without spasm.. "Be a sweet little wallflower Or the jiver of romance" - what a line! remarkable!(:

P.S. i thought the man in the photo and that son's friend's really same in appearance.. a twin, eh?..hehe..(:


Nicholas V. said...

Ah! The joy of youth distilled...
Beautiful memories, lovely poem.

Susannah said...

Nice one! I love the music references. :-)

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

nice story on a poem! love it...


Stafford Ray said...

What great memories! I remember the dance floor, slicked with 'Pops', no rubber soles here, live band (your boys will be glad to know it was before disco) and no alcohol (they might not be so glad to know).

pamanner said...

Thanks for taking me back to a place I never knew! Great word picture!

Melle said...

Enjoyable, definitely takes you to a spcific place and time. Love the title in particular, "Riding to Boogie-Woogie" - sounds like something out of a great fifties pop album! :o)

The Cello Strings said...

incredible take on the prompt.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

We can handle all of life if we can just keep dancing. Great sentiments expressed here.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this one a lot, especially lines like, "Floor as scuffed as soldiers' hearts"

Anonymous said...

"Of the brass and of the bone" I love the subtle distinction you have here for officers and enlisted.
More so, that nothing will kill the dance! Lovely poem!

Ann LeFlore said...

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