August 19, 2011

Get To 'F'

On a Friday I enjoy a bit of image fun. Trawling the 'net I look for funny, cute, artsy, clever and the downright bizarre pictures, to share with the blogger community. This week focuses on artsy and fun:

Here's a few remakes of the (al)most famous model in sitting still-land.  Now those, I'd be happy to hang in front of......!

See you next time where we can all meet up and 'Get To F' (Friday)


richard said...

Interesting art work. Thanks for posting.

thingy said...

LOL. Reminds me of my contribution to Tess' Magpie Tales.

Happy Friday!

Steve E said...

I got to "F" (Friday) and now it is "S" (Saturday). Maybe it is time to get serious here for me) and write a blog post...been lazy.

Thanks for the pictures--you DO make Peeps smile, laugh, feel good.
Thank you, Lena!

Friko said...

Fun and frolics, what else is there. Unless it's sheer bloody misery?

Not with you around.

Dave King said...

Well, these must be all that you were looking for!

WINDOWLAD said... liked what you did to Mona Lisa... a make-over, indeed... now i'd like to see an emo one...hehe..;P