May 31, 2011

Album - Just For The Record.

 Casino shot their album cover today.  PrettyBoy's new love, Stacey, and his old band mate Brow (Craig from The Valentines) were the interests of the cover.  It was shot in a park in Johnstone, Glasgow, with a gritty, dilapidated background.  Brow dressed as a French mime artist, sad face with teardrops, black all-in-one, white gloves, and Stacey wore chav/ned gear that she still looked fabulous in!


A strange picture to visualise, but there will be a message in there somewhere that their minions will connect with.  They had to throw some toddlers off swings (and onto grass),and ask some older kids who were on school dinner break, if they minded vacating the area for a bit.  The kids were in awe at the whole process and took an interest in who they were.  PrettyBoy also handed a demo to each kid (always keep spare ones in cars!) as a kind of 'thanks for not throwing yer chips with broon sauce at us!' gesture.


 As usual  Mumma Mayhem gets to see and hear all the workings before the fans do.  And as much of an old fart as I am, they look after their relative elders!  If I had a pound for every time I've posted or mentioned/labelled them here, I would be a rich bitch! But hey - that's unashamed pride just fighting to get out.

It's strange how motherly one feels when they see young lads up on stage who grew up with your own kids. But sweat, bruises, and near crushed to death I will certainly tolerate. But I'm too old to get all steamed up over the developing music scene. I'll leave all that passion and hormonal adulation to the younger generation. Music is ageless, especially when it's quality gear, but mine's two sugars and a CD thank you very much! I'll leave you with the new 20 Rocks venue's live music promo picture(above) of some of the guys of Casino...and this particularly 'cool' snap of PrettyBoy for the CD booklet!  Whirly gig fans at the ready girls - that boy burns.......!!

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Anonymous said...

...this pic wz shot aboot facebook an Bebawbabbity as a panty-dampener! Kirsty showed it 2 us efter a goat hame. He's a braw boay, ah'll gie ye that! Liking ur blog n stuff!