June 10, 2011

Quick Birthdays and Long Goodbyes.......

My brother Rab's 60th birthday bash arrangements for tomorrow are well under way.  It is to be a themed do covering 60's, 70's, 80's eras but with music from Casino and No Need For Idols  as well. So be there, hippies, punks, metal, new romantics, glitter rock, Beatle fringes, skin 'eads, mohawk, mullet, feather cuts, afro joe types in abundance.  No one has told Rab (nee Robert Snr) what their get-up will be, hence some maniac surprise outfits. My personal favourite is my younger son, Adam, who will be going as a 70's pimp, bringing along some of his ho's - his friends in drag. We intend to start out from the hotel and walk the long stretch main road done up like eedjits, hitting a couple of pubs before the party venue itself.  Pics will ensue!

The party is tinged with sadness for my daughter, however. Her gran, my ex mum-in-law, Irene, has lost her battle with cancer. Her life support  was switched off a week ago and medics thought she would pass fairly quickly, and all said goodbye then but still she's hanging on. A tough old cookie indeed. But the show must go on for Kerri's sake. Her gran would do her nut if she didn't. Kerri was her only granddaughter and needs to keep that party light lit for her.

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