May 17, 2011

Tick Off!

                             * input from bookworms themselves

Oi! You pesky little mite, how dare you contemplate...!
Chomping through my case and books, as tasty as it maybe looks.
Prepare ye for insecticidey fate!
                                                       * ('you've no chance, mate!')

You see, my vast collection, is treasured by my mob.
Alphabetically tended, leather jackets stitched and mended.
Ready there to do their leafy job.
                                                       * ('our taste buds throb!')
Books older than my grampa, smell a little of him, too.
Tobacco prints on certain pages, lingers on war pics for ages.
Knows the glory, story through and through.
                                                       * ('we still must slew..')

Hardbacks full of nonsense, for my mum - the bored housewife.
Jackie Collins, effing , blinding, toyboys, tans and bareback riding.
So Mrs.Mop can lead a double life.
                                                        * ('how ghastly rife..')

My worshiped read - Vlad Nabokov, so intricate, offending.
Turns the subjects of taboo, so you accept, not misconstrue.
And come to yearn his sad, unhappy endings.
                                                         * (' ah, Russian rending..?')
Huge knowledge books on bottom shelves -  for weight, than read at will.
They've never heard of 'world wide web', or know that Princess Di is dead.
But act as a support to keep things still.
                                                         * ('oh, what a thrill..')

Grandma loves her cook books, and reads hymns that turn to song.
Revelations in the Bible, Old Nick 'v' his biggest rival
Though she'll curse him when the dish she made goes wrong!
                                                          *('we'll sing along..')

There's even ones with pictures, bordering on pornographic.
Hoofs and wings on manic creatures, bodies wrangled, viscious features.
Told in words, so rich and calligraphic.
                                                          * ('man - that's tragic!')

One sits so high and mighty, bearer of the golden hue.
There is no match, no competition, for this rare, unique edition.
Welcomes each of us to Xanadu.
                                                         * ('we'll chew and chew..')

Every home should have one, bookcase filled with word cuisine.
Fiction, facts in combination, liter-a-lise the whole damn nation.
While inner monologue's setting the scene.
                                                         * ('we'll wipe it clean..!)
So, hop it, death watch beetle, never, ever lose the plot.
Grandeur is a cheap illusion, your own death a forgone conclusion.
The taste of printed paper's for MY lot!!
                                                          * (gulp!...that's what you got.......!)


Jinksy said...

What a lot of fun for Chomping Bookworms United!

Brian Miller said...

ha. nicely poetic frolic...the bugs were rather humorous...unless of course you have them then i may break out the big guns...

Lena said...

lol....not even a popgun needed, Brian!!

Lolamouse said...

What a fun poem! As long as the critters are just in the imagination! If I see them, not so cute any more!

Helen said...

Well, this was one of the most clever Magpies ~ ever!

Anonymous said...

This was absolutely fantastic...bravo! Vb

Olivia said...

That was a fun poem- very playful!!
Loved it for its humor.. :)

Many Hugs xox

Kathe W. said...

Love this line: "a bookcase filled with word cuisine" what a great poem you have here!
And thanks for your nice comments on my blog- I see you are in Scotland- we'll be in Edinburgh and Inverness come September visiting good friends!
Have a great day...

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Like this!

Anna :o]

Steve Isaak said...

Fun, clever, literate.

Lucy Westenra said...

I so like the funny ones.

Grammy said...

You are so creative. I did see your little addition the the photo. It made me smile. Thank you for sharing you little secret. And you are a wonderful writer. Thank for the visit. Have a wonderful week.
:) E

Jingle said...

very powerful words.
loved your magpie.

Jingle said...

very powerful words.
loved your magpie.

rel said...

I say I like this immensely. It's just, just, oh......

It's just,

Lena said...

Thank you to my Maggie mates (so far!)

Rel - even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious? lol

Irish Gumbo said...

insecticidey, Old Nick and Xanadu...well, a lot of ground has been covered, and a new word to boot!

Huzzah and kudos, madam! A great frolic, indeed :)

Lena said...

Cheers Gumbo - I always say that if it does flow - cheat!

Anonymous said...

"Every home should have one, bookcase filled with word cuisine."

This is my favorite line! Love the bookworms chiming in too! So very clever are you! :o)