May 23, 2011

Song Of The Courtesan

                      (looks like the monocle man has just spotted the flag in my above post!)

What helps wash down a banquet but a host of pretty notes.
Little quavers, there to savour, on a cloud of wine she floats.

Merry as the day is long, darker than the mood
Men that mock, silly talk, drink that loosens, makes them lewd.

A far cry from their daylight stance, letting down their hair.
Coins enough, to see her buff, and grab a room, perhaps, upstairs?

Despite these shameful actions, the lute still sings along
Her lovely strings, with heavenly wings, knows neither right from wrong.

Again they'll grace the table, gather in their chosen seats
Our courtesan, the friend of man, a lullaby elite.

               *                                 *                              *
I know little of Sir Tournier, but to me this piece depicts
The said above, I state thereof, it had me most transfixed.

To view more masterpieces, though I'll find some 'tres' abstruse
I'll take the chance, and visit France. What will I have? Toulouse!


Words A Day said...

coins enough, to see her buff - that has to be my favorite line today!

Stafford Ray said...

I smiled all the way as you knew I would, but the proud (prood) in me says sne is altogether Toulouse!

Friko said...

Right first go, it is a scene in a brothel, as far as I know.

Clever and funny verse, I enjoyed it very much.

rel said...

Too few Courtesans in today's world me thinks.

thingy said...

Yep, very clever. Poor girl.

Lena said...

Thank you so far, folks! I'll pop over soon....!

Stafford - you know a classy piece when you see one...!

Helen said...

Oh yes ... one of the best this week!

Lena said...

Ah, thank you, Helen. It's always an honour to receive a positive comment from you...!

Lolamouse said...

I agree with your assessment. I thought "courtesan" as well. Loved your piece.

anthonynorth said...

That was fun. Enjoyed it.

gsb3 said...

I did not think courtesan, but that is the great thing about writing prompts: we can interpret and go in any direction we want. I think you did well for your chosen meaning and direction. A little jaded, but perhaps that doesn't bother you a bit. I'm glad you wrote it, for it helps us get to know each other a bit better. Good job!

Bee's Blog said...

Great poem Lena. Made me smile - not a lot changes over the centuries. does it??

Anonymous said...

Ah, love this! Very nice! :o)