May 06, 2011

Oh, Yes I Will - Oh, No You'll Not....!!


I WILL, make a start to adding my labels.
I WILL look into arranging 'the link within' thingy.
I WILL split my visited webs fairly and respond to 3 blogs/emails from each at a time.
I WILL complete the new header I have designed and put it up!
I WILL leave a link for my Facebook mob to visit here if they fancy.
I WILL award the best Saturday Sidebar from my blogroll with the coveted badge.
I WILL try and find out how to put music (with an optional easy-to-find mute button) to my blog.
I WILL upload new sidebar pictures, other favourite song videos and funny short (some homemade) videos.
I WILL upload the remaining 'new' family pictures to my side bars.
I WILL learn how to make a blog button.
I WILL organise my photo albums.
I WILL damn myself in the morning for having the instiest of a conscience.


Oddyoddyo13 said...

See, you are FAR more productive than I. I would plan on writing a list, but somehow never get around to it. :) Good luck with yours!

Bronson Hill Arts said...

Be curious how you do with that! I thought my daily-yet-never-completed lists were ambitious!

Smiles! Barb

Lena said...

Two out of 12 ain't bad!!

Lolamouse said...

You used up too much energy making the list! You need a break now!

Matt Coughlan said...

of all things to do
tomorrow, please continue
firm optimism