May 24, 2011

National KASSIDY Day

No, ladies of over-functioned ovaries, I  have not misspelt and mean David CASSIDY of yore - but Scotland's own, well, latest big sound. Kassidy are amazing and today gave Casino a nice little lift. Telfer (frontman) and Wee Mick (bassist) recorded an acoustic cover of two of their songs on Facebook and within minutes they got a few really spirit-boosting comments back from them.

Yes - they do have this respect for other bands that cover them, but Casino have one little edge over some. They actually gigged together in Stirling in Tolbooth, mingled in the bogs, smoked outdoor ciggies and all that!  A couple of months later - Kassidy got their big break. But despite fame, so far they have kept in touch with each other. I'm so proud of the music that is continually spewing out of Scotland, when you think how totesy we are!

These nice comments were left (not forcing anyone on a Facebook link here, coz most don't like it) so click on the pic to read the messages.   The silly shits haven't left the video in mode for downloading or else I'd have added the covers here. But if you DO want to have a listen, I mean, if you're brave it is!  You've got to fly the flag when you can.....!!


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