October 13, 2009

Violet Sky, Here We Go, Walk Away......coming to an ear near you very soon!

My youngest son and best friend Oliver have just arrived home from the recording studio, their band having just finished their first demo. As with Adam's brother's band, they're getting gigs galore, sometimes having to turn them down. Where do the years go? This picture below is Adam and Oliver 3 years ago when they were both 13 - little dreamers:
And messing in the garden:
Helping me support my favourite charity by way of their very first performance - still only 13:
And proud of it:Now 3 years on they've recruited new members and formed No Need For Idols and they've stormed into the semi-finals of our local Battle Of The Bands and today recorded their first demo? Children no more. Onwards boys!
So from left to right there's Callum, Oliver, David, Adam and Connor. I'll put in a link once their new songs are internet available - hopefully tomorrow!

Friends since they were six, and even with them attending different high schools, 'Addie and Ollie' have always been in touch and remain to stop over at each others houses, these days to write songs, instead of on walls - we'll sometimes their bedroom walls if inspiration can't wait for a note pad. Despite falling out a hundred times, they'll always be mates. They've never let a silly row last. For they know when somethings feel right......and now they're cementing that in song. Good Luck Guys! Maw's very proud of you!

and here's the link;


Scumbag Sam said...

Aw - how little 'uns grow up fast!!! Its so cool that they were performing when they were so young. You have cool kids! :)
I still havent managed to listen to a song though. Damn computer tends to freeze up when it comes to videos! :S

Lena said...

Nice to see you back, Sam! Don't worry 'bout the video, you'll get there in time!