October 03, 2009

(Un) Guilty Pleasure No 1.

There is something innate in all of us, that keeps us from being readily open to admit to liking certain somethings. A song, magazine, hobby, food choice, item of clothing, film, keepsakes ect. Simple things that we couldn't live without for it makes our day just that little bit easier to pass. It comes in all shapes, sizes and forms.

I used to be a bit paranoid when I revealed what my favourite 'show' was! After having cable television installed in 1996, I saw this programme once and I was hooked, but people scoffed so I tended to keep it to myself. It didn't have a fit bloke in it, nor was it a cartoon or Jerry Springer, or Scottish soap opera. It was Judge Judy!

I now say that with pride. I haven't missed an episode in the 13 years it's been available in Britain. On holidays or in class, reminders were always set or sent. Life wasn't worth living if anyone forgot to press that record button!

The woman is flawless in her judgements, never misses a thing. Compared to other Judgey shows (eat your heart out Brown, Hatchett and Ephriam) they just 'ain't got the primal flair of Judy. In, out, no mucking about. I adore her patter, balls, orderly structure, the way she reduces older children to tears if they try to piss her about and despite her eyebrows from Hell - compassion.

Sure, Judy is raking in millions from her shows, and I don't blame her. She's paid her dues tenfold. Her 25 years served as a family court judge has huge impact on her small claims courtroom results. Cases with children are the ones that fire her up the most if she feels kids are suffering at the hands of useless and selfish parents. And woe-betide any claiment that interrups her a time too many. But some of the things she's had to deal with in court! There even was an earthquake as she interrogated!

I have seen episodes where some-one was sued over a bit driftwood, a woman suing her 78 year old neighbour, as the old dear posted a community flyer through her door and her Jack Russell hurt it's leg jumping for up for it and wanted the poor old sod to pay the medical bills and two old men fighting over whose space for their garbage bins it was! She goes nuts at these ridiculous cases -nuts! But I suppose my favourite episode was when John Lydon (Sex Pistols) appeared suing his mate over music copyrights or something. He was effing and blinding a bit, but the ex-punk who vowed he would never say sorry to anyone, was forced by Judy to apologise to Byrd - her courtroom officer. He did, albeit a very sarcastic apology, but the very word parted from his lips! Go Judy! You are my heroine!

So there you have it. My guilty pleasure in the open. My adoration doesn't quite go to the lengths of the tattooed bloke , but I reckon a tee shirt with her face on it shouting 'Baloney' wouldn't be too criminal....!


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

My guilty secret was going to see Take That at Wembly in July for my birthday! Hah, haven't told anyone that in the blogging world!

Lena said...

You're secret's safe with me - and any other who may comment on this post!.......lol

ps........'ikkle Mark shares the same birthday as me!

Gloria said...

OMG a lady after my own heart . . I ADORE Judge Judy and watch every available episode even if I've seen it a million times before!! Go Lena!!!

Lena said...

They never bore me, Gloria! It's great to have a mate who enjoys JJ! Long may she prosper!

Jannie Funster said...

The earthquake was funny, well no one got hurt, you know what I mean.

And I like Judge Judy too. She takes no crap. Wouldn't want to ever be on her bad side, that's for sure!

I guess my guilty pleasure is Madonna's earlier dance tunes. Love those, even all the B-sides.

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Great taste. Judge Judy rules in my house!! My brother in the UK also thinks she rocks and he is 51. I also have 3 of her books. Rock on forever Judy.

Flossiekat said...

Lena, I thought I was the only one who worshipped Judge Judy! My husband still gets huffy at me for watching her. I don't think he likes seeing that a lady can be so darned clever as she is. I have yet to see anyone get one over on her! Judge Judy rocks!!