October 20, 2009

The 20 Year Hitch!

Yes, today we've reached that milestone. Had to climb many hills and had so many spills that I dare not think about them all. I've been married for 20 years now. I just found out that your 20th Anniversary is your 'China' one - which is very apt given all the plates and cups I've threw at him over the years! Never had a direct hit. Not with one of them! Kept Polycell in business well, so I've at least managed something good.

So what are Trevor and I going to be doing about it today? Bog all. I need an emergency extraction at the dentist, (which my daughter'll go ballistic about when she finds out! She's an RDN or 'Matron' as her work colleagues named her) and he's got the cold again. So I suppose a little moan together before bedtime will be the best we can do.

Marriage is a unity with so many odds against you. No guarantee it's gonna last. I showed him on facebook recently how easy it was to divorce him! Well, he kept interrupting me to look for google tips on killing chocobo's or similar for a ruddy computer game! But I doubt we'll ever part now. Although we have very little in common (really we don't) he still makes me laugh. Virtually raised the boys himself when they were little as I was never out of hospitals. Honestly, as with today, I went to the dentist looking forward to having my feet up for a bit. Not in the least bit scared of needles. Had more pricks than Kerplunk me and it shows right over the gynaecological region. But he's the biggest prick I've ever had. And I wouldn't want it any other way. Hubby, I doubt if you'll be reading this but:


And here we are on our wedding day. A simple do with family mostly, and that's my brother Rab with the fag in his gob! Never let it be said that I pick pictures with no class! Just look at how Trevor nervously fingers his tips. Yeah - you've done it now mate!
And us today where he's lost his hairline and I've lost my waistline! Well, all marriages are give and TAKE aren't they!!


Gloria said...

I loved reading this post. A loving and lovely tribute to all that I hold dear. I have made it to 10 years and I love him just as I loved him then. Have you read my posts about the day I met my prince and my beautiful beautiful wedding. They were very popular so if you can have a read:)

Lena said...

Gloria - I will pop back over once I've visited my bloglist. Nice to end on something fitting!

Ekanthapadhikan said...

"he's lost his hairline and I've lost my waistline". Would you mind if I use it in the novel that's never going to get published 'coz I'll never complete it?

Anonymous said...

here's to lost waistlines. Mine drowned in the pink stuff long time ago

Maggie May said...

You still make a fine couple and congratulations on your 20th!
Waistlines & hairlines are apt to go....... & everything starts to sag!!!!!!

Nuts in May

Blasé said...

You both look better today than you did at your wedding day...imho

20 Years with the same person. Cool!

Lena said...

Oh, thanks, folks!

Gloria - you're wedding day brought a tear to my eye, found it very touching.

Ekan - of you can use my quote. Providing I get 000000000.05% of the profits if it does make it to hardback!

Rosie - c'mon missus! You're waistline is still around - but here's to the pink stuff anyway!

Maggie - My body defying gravity is totally gympossible these days! I've no chance!

Blasé - Are you dissing my bubble perm and his mullet.....? lol Quite rightly, too! God, just to think we thought hairstyles were the dog's bollocks as well!


Lena said...

missed words this time in the above comments I've written:

course - Ekan

those - Blasé

Jay said...

Congratulations! My wife has never thrown a plate at me. I guess I've never pushed her that far. So maybe your husband is a slow learner, or you just have a firey temper. I might bet on the latter.

rosemary said...


that's perfect! never better said.