October 18, 2009

Life's Big (and small) disCRAPancies.

I don't know where some people get off. How some dog owners think it's alright to let their pet drop it's back end, let out a steamy one and then just casually walk away. Abandonment. Some dogs get public praise for it, which is only fair as it's keeping to it's toilet-training bargain side of things but I'm sure if the dog could understand, it'd be appalled. Why is this still going on..?

The park next to my house is a haven for inconsiderate dog owners. The amount of times we mums in the street have had to clean our carpets and prize muck from soles on shoes is unbelievable . It's angering that a kid can't get a slide on a slide or swing on a swing without bringing home feaces on their shoes and clothes. Ironically, as they grew, we parents made sure that our children took turns in picking up litter (while trying to dodge the dollops) and used to get designated duty days.

Sadly, it brings needless shame to the true caring dog owners that live on our street and surrounding area. Even with park bins for the doggy-do to go in, and free poop scoop and bags from the local council, our park is still being abused. And the culprits aren't always busy families with busy lives but older and uppity owners (one with a big car and plenty of golfing time to kill). They'll be toodling off home to a neat garden and stain free carpets. I swear if I knew their addresses I'd post a few neatly tied presents through their letterbox.

The worst one is this retired lady. She has two lovely black Labradors. Mother and daughter. The older one always trails behind but on approaching the park it's arse goes into bowel release mode and it never makes it to the grass in time. It shits as it walks!! I've said to her a couple of times about it and she picked up right away then, but I get real miffed if I see the infamous dollops lying outside my neighbours' path. She knows it can only be her Lab doing this and must pass it on her journey back.

Anyhow, talking of crap, I've prattled on enough. Here's wishing you a happy and squish free walk home wherever you reside.

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Lena said...

Yes, Liz - we know who we're talking about, here!...lol