October 27, 2009

Happy Hollereen....*sniff* ...I'll Miss You!

I might not get the chance to post in time for Halloween. It might be the last of any future Halloween pictures - for a good while anyway. My kids are too old now and Trick or Treat is so popular round our area that I think I'll be forgiven for not joining in for a bit. It will be the first time in fifteen years that I'll not have contributed.

I'm posting some pictures of last Halloween. My wee sister lives in a block of flats with buzzer entry so it's difficult for kid's to get access so I threw a little solitude party for my niece instead. The pics will pretty much speak for themselves. My sister followed us with her camera.

Indoors in Scotland it is traditional to 'dook for aipples!' A basin filled with water, with apples and monkey nuts floating in it and a fork is all it takes. You have to put the fork in your mouth, hands behind your back, aim, let go and try to 'stab' the apple to eat! (Rachel didn't cheat - honest!) It's messy, wet, but so much fun. Now she's at school it'll be parties there from now on. Silly really but it kinda hurts to have closure on such an event. But my time really is needed elsewhere now.

ps.......I just love the pic where the 'Witch' gets a fright &...... Cat's Halloween...!


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Aw never mind Hen! There's always Bonfire night to look forward to and maybe next year you can go out Tricking or Treating with some neighbours' weans instead!

Lena said...

Here MOB that's a great idea - proving they keep an eye on their goods - I'm a sucker for McCowans!