October 11, 2009

For Toasty!

Having endured lots of drum practice over the weekend, I reminded myself that there is another mum out there sharing thoughts, headaches and pride along with me. So Marmite Toasty I give you:


MarmiteToasty said...

(((Lena))) fanks matie :) well chuffed.......I hopefully will be back proper in the coming week and will catch up with everyone and with Twaddle...... its been a shit year or so and last week was sorta the icing on the shit year LOL so maybe all the shit and nonsense and knobheads in me life are behind me and I can get back to me old proper self :)



Lena said...

Slowly but surely, Toasty. Be thinking of you. You're a tough (but not so old) bird!

Maggie May said...

So pleased for Toasty and also that she will be getting back to the blog visiting soon.
Nuts in May