February 17, 2015

Shush! M'Lord Shush!

                           That's what I love about these prompts - they take me places our of the blue!


                    The court is once more in its session, 
                    the accused standing there in the dock,
                    Her smile just a dirty-life lesson, 
                    as she stares at thy man in the frock

                    The jury's been sent out a message, 
                    not another adjournment allowed
                    As she stands nonchalant without presage, 
                    her particulars sought and avowed

                    Some wonder about motivation, 
                    how the story took time to collate
                    Arrested and charged at the station, 
                    then an urgency to mitigate
                    Not quite committing a murder, 
                    of marriages though, one might say
                    Never fearing a door made from girders, 
                    till death leads her to judgement day
                    She will not be making plea bargains 
                    or changing a word of her brief,
                    Leaving wigged ones to spill out the jargon, 
                    of this potent and hot red lip thief

                    The verdict presides there in blue ink, 
                    no more time to forgive or begrudge   
                    Or care what that whole courtroom might think, 
                    when you're secretly screwing the judge............................!



Gail said...

Quite the twist!

Carrie Van Horn said...

Hi fellow fish feeder/snuffer....LOL Love your blog's new look Lena! It is amazing...and the twist to your tale is perfect for the photograph!

richard said...

oh no! not another screwed up judge! say it ain't so!

Geo. said...

In American law, Undue Influence is defined as any act of persuasion that overcomes the court's objective judgment. Your excellent poem provides a fine example.

Other Mary said...

Ha! What a corker of a last line. Good to "see" you again, Helena!

Lolamouse said...

Ha! I got quite the giggle this morning from your poem!

On another note, congrats on the good news about your kids and my condolences on the death of your kitty. So sad.

Karen S. said...

Oh my oh my, she has a double win here!

Theresa Milstein said...

Well that was a surprising last line!

keith's ramblings said...

Must admit that last line made me laugh out loud!Even without the humorous ending it's a brilliant poem.

Sandra said...

interesting view !

Tess Kincaid said...

Ha! I wasn't expecting that last line...delightful as always...

Michael said...

haha you got me. I was wondering why she was so smug.

Sun Bloom said...

Nice twist in the end!

Rommy said...

The swerve had me chuckling. Fun stuff!

Bekkie Sanchez said...

An adventure with a surprise ending.

Björn Rudberg said...

Ha.. yes that would make a big change indeed.. what a resolution :-)

Amrit Sinha said...

Wow ... that twist was totally unexpected.

megzone said...

wowwww what a wonderful twist!! enjoyed it!