February 24, 2015

Gullable Travels

the prompt took me an unusual route this week as I viewed it as humans unwillingly being drawn into the mouth.  And as I always stick with the first thought that comes into my mind (apart from one shameful time) thus doth ended it up, like........innit......sorta fing....

We're head to toe in questions, finding answers without proof
holding on to anything the mind accepts as truth.
We struggle with the present , can't foresee, or won't recall,
lest it unfurl there in front of us, some won't notice at all.

Doubt those hanging gardens, now the lighthouse beam ran out
those falls will minimize you as you stand and scream and shout.
Aurora holds on to the night and shocks the midnight skies
defying all that wonderment in spectral alibi's

Encouraging our children to believe in certain things - 
stout characters clad all in red, enamel thieves with wings
Knee high men in shades of green, their rainbow's end to find
cocoa ridden rodents with foiled goods to leave behind

Visitors from other realms, whispers in the ears
eyes that see but never sought, until one disappears
Clairvoyant, tarot reading, message carried in the stars
a higher force then, to decide, what is and isn't ours?

Demons, angels betwixt thoughts, in anno Domini 
heavenly dimensions, hell flames scorched across the skies
Followers that shrink then grow, impending storms and views
Gods, protectors, idols, drawn into that finale ruse

Believe or non-believer, comfort given, losses gained
left to our own devices, either willing or ordained
We'll perform the whole world over in the Circus Of No Sense 
amongst our many life forms let the show of life commence.



rel said...

Imagination; 'tis a wondrous thing.
Or not,, depends on how you choose.
Beautifully done Lena.

Wayne said...

Well done Lena

Wayne said...

Nicely done

^.^ said...

Don't think it really matters whether we give consent for the "show" to go on or not ... the "show" always goes on anyway ... great poem, friend ... Love, cat.

Tess Kincaid said...

Your title sums it all up perfectly...

Karen S. said...

Ah of course, from you title to the end, genius!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Love the chaos... the idea that although is a royal mess, what is and what's to come must begin anyway.

My Magpie entry

Michael said...

id like to see you really work on this one. Dont get me wrong, i friggin love what you have to say. I love it. I went the same way with my poem. I like this message. I feel it. And I want it to be made epic.