February 28, 2015

'Aw For Seany's Wedding (Part One)

In my absence from Blogger those long, trying months where, quite frankly, I feared widowhood upon me, there were happier, uplifting and gracious days through the darker ones, the best being the wedding of my stepson, Sean.

My hubby (The Cheaper Half) and I each have a child each from our first marriages, my daughter ,Kerri, of course, being the other.  The pair were used to each other at access weekends and holidays, ect.  Sean and Kerri became remarkable close, especially through their teenage years and shared cigarettes laughs, alcohol loyalty and discreet tattoos other interests. 

Over the years, life took them off to ventures and places new and Sean and his father lost touch once he moved from the area.  Kerri had also settled in London with a wonderful hubby and her dream job.  Years passed and on one of our phone calls, Kerri passed on the news that there was a relative of Sean's asking how we were all doing.  So cutting a long story short and some credit (for something good this time) to
Facepuke, we were all back in tough again.  And in remarkable co-incidence given the size of Britain, Sean had settled with his fiancee and kids just a mere 15 miles away from Kerri in Oxdford.

The step-sister and step brother with their respective partners met up a good few times and before long Seany's wedding came about and I have to thank Kerri and her hubby James for the travel and hosting arrangements. We probably couldn't have made the wedding without them.

 Circumstances went that we were unable to arrive in London until the night before the wedding, meaning The Cheaper Half and his first born were reuniting for the first of a very long time, at the church just prior to the service. The instant those arms went around each other brought tears to everyone's eyes....leaving the gals having to reapply the mascara before the bride's turn to do that came along.

What was more poignant than anything though was Seany telling his dad it was 13 years, 7 months, 2 weeks and 2 days since he last saw him. That was scary said out loud. In a fast-paced life time passes so quickly, you never seem to clock the years accurately.  All I know is despite the reason for not keeping in touch, the heart never lets go completely.  And now the future holds plans anew.

Interspersed in this post are some of the wedding pics most speaking for themselves (which may bugger up my grammer into weird sections) so please  click on the bigger pic. Outside of all the marital stuff, is a day to remember for so many reasons.  It is true what they say about absence and heart.


Geo. said...

The photos are the punctuation here, Helena. They enhance the text --a varied history leading to happy day.

Rob From Amersfoort said...

Congrats, sweet pics, and what a handsome couple!

Jon said...

As much as I'm opposed to weddings (don't know why - - it's just a personal quirk) the photos are wonderful and the memories are truly priceless. The day sounds like it was perfect, and perfect days are hard to find.

You're right when you said that the heart never lets go completely. And the future does indeed hold plans anew.

stevebethere said...

What a nice post and nicely explained

Congrats to the happy couple :-)

Have a tanfastic day and thanks for pirouetting by :-)

anne marie in philly said...

neat story with a happy ending! and you look FABULOUS!