February 14, 2015

Love, Loss and Lullabies

It's been  a crazy sort of week.  The biggest and best news was hearing that my darling daughter Kerri, and her hubby, James, have been accepted by the council and social work to become adoptive parents.   Over the next five months they will be undergoing training and assessments and then it will be a matter of presenting a case to the courts and deciding on the child that will be so lucky to have them as parents.   I may be a grandmother again in time for Xmas!  I'm so proud of them both.  Some would give up the ghost after being unable to conceive as it can mentally and physically drain.

On a sadder note, my cat, Boaby, died.  Such a strange death as he literally just got fed, jumped upon the couch to go groom himself and a few minutes later fell on the floor dead.  I felt it for my hubby as I wasn't there and he tried to revive him by similar means as one would give a human.  After reporting the death with the vet, he said it could either have been a heart attack or aneurysm.   He was only nine and otherwise fit.  He now shares a grave space with the other two cats we've had over the years.  He wasn't an overly affectionate cat, more entertaining and the only one he ever trusted holding him was my son PeaPod.  I'll miss his following us about the garden and streets.  We clipped some fur from his tail and chest which my hubby is going to make into a fishing fly and calling it The Boaby Dazzler.  He won't be using it mind you, it'll be kept in the glass case beside his other creations to memorialise him.

And to finish off  this rather teary week,  PrettyBoy and his girlfriend got engaged - totally out of the blue!  Brought me back to my own engagement to his father.  We were in our flat watching The Proclaimers' first appearance on Top Of The Pops, when he piped up:

  'Wanna get married, hen...?'

No ring, bended knees or romantic gestures,  just the two of us in opposite chairs sitting  puggled after just putting our firstborns to bed after a hectic day.  I gave a little 'whatever' grunt in reply.  How's that for romance?  At least my son done it in fairly fitting style with ring and surroundings!

I'm leaving a video of a song I've enjoyed listening to over the years which, despite the lyrics, hold the bumpy ride of marriage wonderfully.



anne marie in philly said...

such goings on!

YAYZ for son (engagement) and daughter (adoption). my niece & nephew-in-law adopted a girl last may; she is the light of their lives!

SNIFF for kitty; they don't stay with us as long as we want them to. my sympathies, dear.

Jon said...

I applaud Kerri & James for enduring the tedious adoption process. It's not easy but the results are worth the effort. Congrats to PrettyBoy and his girl.

I'm so sorry to hear about Boaby. My cousin's 8 yr. old cat died the exact same way. He finished eating and dropped on the floor a few minutes later, with no warning signs.

Geo. said...

A very moving post. How wonderful to hear a child will get a stable home. I won't go into how especially happy I am about adoption. Nor can I comment about your poor cat without thinking of my favorite stargazing buddy of 16 years without getting misty.

auntiegwen said...

AAWH loads of emotion there, congrats on the kids, sorry about your kit xxx

Rob From Amersfoort said...

And all this happened in one week, wow! I'm sorry for the cat, my cat died two years ago after a long illness, maybe a swift passing away is better (although nine is still way too early). Congrats with your kids, and so your husband is a real romantic person :-)

Steven Cain said...

Good hearing from you!
Sorry about your kitty.
Congratulations on all the good stuff though!