February 09, 2015

Heavenly Housewives

                                       Can't believe it's been 7 months since I last was here!  I'm back and plan to keep it that way!        

From top to bottoms, sighs controlled
and busty sighs in clouds of gold
She worries over skin and limbs,
her little cherubs dance akin

To strew her palace, endless toys,
sticky fingers, mess and noise
A routine balance now to pot,
a lover of her own free thought

No marching orders listened to,
awaits the voice of you-know-who
The second he glides through the door
their naughtiness abides no more

He cannot understand her fuss,
no subject matter to discuss
Just adoration all for him -
her darling little nephilims 

Bedtime calls and seizes them,
it's off to la-la-land again
While mother hangs up wings and breath
so very little she has left

To go towards another day
where morning steals her knight away
For battle new and battles won,
angelic daughters, saintly sons.



Geo. said...

A lively, lovely poem --and a delight to see you posting again.

Gail said...

Beautiful. "...where morning steals her knight away...:" I really liked that line.

Tess Kincaid said...

Charming write...welcome back...

Jon said...

Brilliant poetry! I'm glad that the Prodigal Poet is back.

keiths ramblings said...


Jinksy said...

That's the way the cookie crumbles - and leaves the crumbs to prove it! LOL

Kutamun said...

So powerful ! I think you have seen a Nephilim dear lady ...most auspicious , Saintly One

Michael said...

Well balanced. It is a shame that the knight must leave...and so take the best of his children's behavior with him.