July 10, 2014

Turkey Necked Tourists

I buy your general run-of-the-mill women's magazines a lot if there is footy on the telly  (and there has been loads of that recently).   I have made a bit of money over the years from having photo's and poems etc, published but I like to do puzzles as the boys roar abuse at the box.  Mind you, the puzzles aren't all that challenging (apart from Sudoku which I am utter shite at!) but it passes the time in a lazy-arsed way. Occasionally, I do online entries but never won yet.

  Often in these magazines they repeat stories of the same nature.  The cases of the Turkish toyboys and the stupid, desparate older women who are drawn in by these greasy slime-balls take the whole biscuit barrel. The story that shocked me more than others was the one of Mary and Vitol.  Vitol was 26 and Mary was 72.  She was targeted and groomed wonderfully by this man.  He was a handsome Turk whose silver-tongue won this silver-haired old numpty over.  In less than two years he managed to marry her.  Naturally, he didn't get granted a British visa - never even set foot on British soil - and instead settled for plan B.  Conning her into selling her house, she posted him the vast majority of the proceeds from it so he could  "make a love-nest''  back home in Turkey for them.  Thinking everything fine, she took a flight to Ankara to surprise him and he flipped out saying he hadn't wanted her to come until 'their' house was ready.  After two years of toing and froing the lira finally dropped.

So here was a case where a 26 year old felt  'love at first sight'  with a crinkly face-and-arsed 72 year old.   All it took was menial gifts, walks in the moonlight, (coz daylight was too embarrassing) texting and waterworks, to suck the life and means out of an old dear.  She didn't listen to the words of warning her offspring gave her when it came to selling the house and valuables.  Of course, being in love meant sex on tap and the young foreign man had to shag this powdery old puddock to seal an aura of truth between them.  Apparently, he loved her saggy bits, rash under her tits , baggy breeks, removable teeth, thinning hair, and failing eye-sight (every 26 year old man's dream girl!)  But just how blind was she?

In the wedding photo she wore her hair in pigtails in a desperate attempt to look younger.  The wedding officials' smirks in the pictures with them read  'yet another mug'.  You hear of older 'cougars' having a bit of fun with a toyboy, if fun is where it starts and ends. But it is also a shame that some grandchild could be missing out on some future education and financial security.  It's just a bigger shame that many stupid old slappers are being taken for a visa. What they really need is a mirror and a reality check!


anne marie in philly said...

oh lordy, they do that over there too, eh?

WHY do we women get suckered in for some $$$/kind words/pretty face?

Kathe W. said...

well....I have a sad tale also. My dad after my mother died- married a woman younger than my kids- she convinced him we were only after his money( seriously) and then after she died a few years later ( ALS ) he married her even younger sister- same story again- she kept up the hatred of all us kids. My dad died recently and she will not communicate with any of us- my dad left her everything- even stuff that came from our Mothers family.
As we all say- the wrong parent died first. True story.

musicwithinyou said...

Boy I was off on your story by the title. I seriously thought it was another way of saying "red neck tourist"

Sadly enough it goes for both men and women. Why police can't do any thing when it's obvious that these elderly people are getting takin by crooks.