July 12, 2014

One Girl - Two Cups Of Flour

                  Why it's not a good idea to ask Kerri for a hand in the kitchen!

My darling daughter is always reaching out to those less fortunate.  She's made and donated food and drinks for the homeless and certain other charities - especially at Christmas.  Thankfully, this lot was for a ladies night in at her house!  I'm hiding the scales before her next visit!




anne marie in philly said...

tis naughty your girl is!


Geo. said...

I raised a daughter. Girls can get so silly.

musicwithinyou said...

I would party with your daughter any day!! So who was willing to eat the one at the bottom?

^.^ said...

omg ... sooo funny ... reminds me of my daughter's knitted nut warmer creation once upon a time ... smiles ... Love, cat.