July 06, 2014


They think of him as a little mad                           
consistency not a thing to be had
Feels not like red blood that flows in his veins
just a liquid concerto to capture his gains

An artful John Doe with eccentric guile
a clouded up basis for that ruthless smile
Moving around without wing, without wheel
some pertaining to him as a quick, gracious steel

Staring across the same crowded-out room
time for his business and bite to resume
Cements himself firm in the dimly lit corner
a bonafide nightly, morality mourner

Kisses the girls, the boys even better
posting himself like a brutal chain letter
Soon to engulf in narcotics and sweat,
a foul morning headache's as good as it gets

Mother and nature in pair didn't care
Father's hand, like his pride, simply never was there
Blessed this only child's rife ballyhoo
atonement for birth, but just who's fooling who?



Brian Miller said...

dang. what a character you made him out to be...ha...posted himself like a chain letter...lots of cool lines in this lena...not fooling anyone...ha

Stafford Ray said...

Noice Pome! I get the impression that you think, as I do, that a lot of Art is a wank?
Sorry, on such a refined blog I should have said "self gratification". Bwaaaahahah!

michaelt said...

Well done I did enjoy your portrait of this character. seems we all have a story to relate about him. Well done.

Helena said...

Stafford - the image instantly put me in mind of a friend my twin had in London. His heart was on the stage and he hated working in my twin's pub to make ends meet. He eventually did get the chance to perform and sadly he lost touch with my twin!

Jon said...

This poem is delectably delicious - a ruthlessly apt portrait of mesmerising misfit.

I hate to admit it, but I can see something of myself in this (when I was young in Hollywood).

Geo. said...

I suspect we've all known him, if not been him, and learned.

Berowne said...

Skillfully and entertainingly done...

Arushi Ahuja said...

what a amazing characterisation!! it was such a fun read!!

Belva Rae Staples said...

Great flow to this. He's quite a weirdo.

Tess Kincaid said...

Posting himself like a brutal chain letter...oh I like that...

^.^ said...

... went through this with my son and his love interest and her brother's love interest a few years ago ... seems like yesterday ... those were hard times ... smiling now though ... mostly ...

Helena said...

Brian - me loves a good character to rhyme to reason.

Stafford - Another admirer of my sidebar Artsy Insults! Wank you very much!

Michaelt - He's certainly shed into so many lights!

Jon - It's an honour to have bits of you in him....you're better looking, of course!

Geo - one of life's teachers indeed!

Berowne - aw, shucks....you'll make me blush!

Arushi - fun to write too, and in a remarkably short time!

Belva Ray - he was based on an actual person (in reply to Stafford's comment). The last my twin heard of him he was dancing onstage in ripped tights and eight inched heels!

Tess - thank you. I quite liked the line, it's surprisingly fitting!

^.^ - life sadly, can be a drama of such events. Good to smile through!

Eddie Bluelights said...

I think he's a bit of a tosser!!
He is an arrogant self centered jerk - just the type of chap ladies find attractive.
Love the poem and the way it flows - but even the cat doesn't like him! :) ~ Eddie

Stafford Ray said...

I came back for a second look. It is sad when you lose track.

Theresa Milstein said...

Wow, I like what you did with the picture. I think you captured something in the picture with your poem.

Anonymous said...

OMG! you gave him eyes....that's creepier than the original pic...@FF

freyawrites.com said...

'Kisses the girls, the boys even better' oh fabulous, fabulous! I wish I'd written that line! Loved the whole poem - it fits the photo so well!