July 17, 2014

Now He Nose!

Earlier on today we needed to clear a space in the attic to access repairs on the roof.   It is a place that we visit rarely, usually only to get the Christmas tree down.  Amidst a huge lot of McScrooge's fishing junk equipment was an old photograph.  This was the first time I had ever saw it but I knew right away it was my grandmother and grandfather.  She looked the spit of my oldest son, Ross/PrettyBoy.   He has the same facial features - especially the button nose.

I knew of the photo's existence but really have no idea how it ended up in my attic but I know my siblings and I usually share out such keepsakes so we all have bits to our past.  Of course, I was bequeathed the painting of my Grandmother as a girl, after my father's death, and it hangs in the middle floor of the house.  She has looked down upon us for 10 years now and will do so until my own grandchildren come along.   It's doubtful any future granddaughters will be named after her - my name was shortened a letter to Helen as it was more in touch with the 60's apparently!  I reverted back to origins of my name once I was interested in blogging. I'm sure she'd be happy about this now! 

There, unfortunately, is a bit of damage to the picture but given the amount of even more junk goods in my attic it escaped total destruction being fragile.  Sadly, I never did inherit her button nose and clear blue eyes but took after my Grandfather more.  Now, at last, PrettyBoy may believe me that  (despite the photograph being black and white)  those baby blue eyes actually came from somewhere down the family line and he wasn't vainly solely blessed with them to complete his 'package'.


Memories of my Grandparents are very clouded.  I was five when they died, within months of each other.  But from what I heard they were a very happy couple , musically talented, with some of the best genes a family has ever worn!



anne marie in philly said...

do you know how old the picture is? I am guessing the 1930s by the clothes/hair styles.

thanks for sharing, lovey!

Geo. said...

One of our sons came out with red hair and freckles. Our other children are dark. He was relieved to see a picture of my wife's Scottish great grandfather.

Rob From Amersfoort said...

Luckily the photo has been rescued. They both look handsome!