February 01, 2013

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Piss

I often get 'warnings' incorporated into my dreams.  If thirsty while asleep, I can find myself drinking water from various places. Simple ones may be at the sink from a running tap, or from a jug of never ending fruit juice in the garden where I just keep glugging away! The worst by my thirst saw me on my knees cupping my hands and drinking from the toilet bowl...!!  Now - I know dreams are mostly made up from the mind challenging itself to recall past events and activities, so I'm hoping that my brain isn't simply regressing back to that blur of a festival in 97' and that little B&B in Kinross.

 I also get dreams if I'm needing the loo (No:s 1&2), and before long I have to attend to myself as the feeling won't budge!!   Indigestion, tummy ache, dead legs, stiff necks etc, have all had some weird scenario's connected to them over the yearsOne of the worst, was when I was being embalmed while the bed sheets were simply caught around me.

 Apparently, I don't talk in my sleep, but I can laugh out loud, mildly murmur and do arm gymnastics.....and I think it's safe to say goosebumps and drool have made an appearance on everyone from time to time. Bad dreams are rare but I sure know when The Cheaper Half is having one as he whimpers, sweats, shakes and jerks all over the place. I reckon this is how he would look being tazered. 

 Of course, most dreams are just too complex to fathom out. We forget 90% of our dream within ten minutes of wakening - which is a bit of a disappointment in the sexuality side of things.  One minute Simon Baker could be snogging my face off and the next thing I'm woken up by a mighty fart of reality.  One the whole, though, I'd love to keep a dream diary to analyse these REM flit trips.....but on second thoughts, it sounds like it could be a bit of a nightmare.

Nighty Night......
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richard said...

What happened in that B&B in Kinross?

Jon said...

An amusing post! I can relate to a lot of it - - we seem to have similar experiences with dreams.

I used to talk in my sleep when I was a child, but now I probably only snore (my cat sleeps on my bed and will never tell.....).

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I've always thought that it would be fascinating if we could record our dreams, kind of like recording a movie. Those would certainly be interesting to watch afterwards!!

thingy said...

Yeah, I get the potty dream, too.

My worst lately- had to feed kittens, but they were in the freezer. Ugh. Awful dream.

I love dreaming, though.

Anonymous said...

lol.......that title kills me....you're bonkers, Lena.....xx