February 22, 2013

That Friday Feeling (7)

It's a good feeling when.........

 .....those tulip bulbs you had no faith would grow after winter's snowfall, are starting to peep their pretty little heads from the edging flower beds.  Now, if I could just convince neighbourhood cats that they'd enjoy pooping in crabby old Mrs. Dewar's garden more than mine, I'd be singing!



Optimistic Existentialist said...

Spring is drawing near :)

rel said...

I'm amazed again year after year of the miracle of nature; love those green spouts of new life peeking out from the still semi-frozen turf.

Cats are a problem in our garden and under our bird feeders. I try to make the neighborhood undesirable for them but cats are not easily deterred. I am a cat owner, but they never leave this house.

Rebeka said...

It's good fertilizer :)