February 04, 2013

Lousy Little Library

Although this week's mag is of a rather majestic looking library building in Manchester, I know little of it.  It has, however, prompted me to write a little verse or two about my own, down-sized local library.......

Lousy Little Library
You've rarely got it in for me
I waited long as long can be
For that book on fun poetry!

Lousy Little Library
I wanted that biography
All femme fatale debauchery 
To see how bad she'd really be... 

Lousy Little Library
I've been as patient as can be
When will my Michael Connelly 
Be ready to pick up for me?

Lousy Little Library
On Saturday's you close at THREE?!
That's one I never did forsee
Lumbering books on my shopping spree!

Lousy Little Library
The Heavens opened down on me 
Your doors slid open - welcomed thee
To shelter, warmth and even tea

Lousy Little Library
I've judged you rather brutally
Will words and pictures pardon me?
You're worth your little joining fee.........

                                   (my actual LLL)


richard said...

Your library has tea? Wow! I'm impressed. All our library has is books, and a kick in the butt, if we get fresh with the librarian.

Anonymous said...

That sounds pretty much like the library in these parts, a building housing much more than just a book lending service. And yes, we get tea as well ;-)
Fun read.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Library and tea sounds like a great conbination :)

Optimistic Existentialist said...


Helen said...

This is fun ... I grew up with a lousy little library like yours. Thinking back, I was blessed to have had one at all!

Kathe W. said...

all lirary have their good points
along with their failings- I miss my big city library in Oregon- but my little library here in the Northern mountains of California is just fine- I rather like its small personal feel.

Kathe W. said...

whoops meant to spell library...

Tess Kincaid said...

Sorry your little library is so lousy...

Berowne said...

It may be lousy, it may be little, but it's still a library.

~T~ said...

My library is only open 1-5 on Saturdays. And it is rather small. But it has a pretty good request system. Keep holding on...

Katherine said...

Our library has a coffee machine ... and these days internet access, video games for children to play, a kiddies corner for story time and craft. It's also a good place to escape the heat and get into air conditioning for people on a hot day!
Playful poem by the way! :-)

Rob From Amersfoort said...

This could be about every library in the world (except for the Michael Connelly part). They should use your poem to promote local libraries!

Bee's Blog said...

Libraries are very different from when I was a child. I loved everything about them apart from the late return fee and would spend ages deciding which three books to borrow.
My children, a mere 20 years ago didn`t have the same experience. Our local library in Blackheath, London didn`t have the variety that I`d had the good fortune to experience.

Helena said...

Richard - lol - so is your librarian as hot as our tea...?

Tino - it's cosy I suppose, if somewhat sparse!

Keith - yes, it is! Providing you don't use your hardback as a coaster! You must stick to a certain area though!

Helen - it's better than none, I suppose!

Kathe - I maybe should see mine from an intimate point of view!

Tess - it's probably halved in size since it's 'upgrade'. The shape of the roof has started to appeal to skateboarders and roller-bladers!

Berowne - that is so true!

T - the request system in mine is rather lax. They do get there in the end!

Katherine - I must admit, my LLL has the same on offer but the kids can get so noisy with it!

Rob - lol....thanks for the compliment! D'you think it'd work?

Bee - I can remember the 3 book limit from my yesteryears. It's literally any number these days!