February 26, 2013

Opportunity Knock-outs

I've just had to delete at least 10 comments from those amongst my recent Magpie Tale poetry entry.  For the past 6 weeks I've been bombarded from those network informations & site advisors, statics and other such trafficky thingy things!  It's not really bothering me that much just a pain in the arse to remove and I wouldn't want to accidentally delete a fellow blogger's comment.  I suppose that's the risks you take once you're in the public domain -  ya don't know who the hangs hanging around - or do you?  I got a bit of a whizz in to teach me about traffic feeds.  I have both visible and hidden feeds that can tell me who's been hanging around and from where. Granted, I rarely check it, but it's there if I ever wanted to.

The remedy on this site of course, is not to let any anonymous comments in, but a few friends & family who like to keep in touch with my Blogger offerings, occasionally leave a comment for me via Facepuke.  I really only visit Facebook on birthdays, band info, or to use as a secondary photo album storer.  If I'm honest, I can hardly tolerate the bloody place.  Sure, it's nice to see how old school friends are doing etc, but I want to leave it at that (apart from one!).  Family fall outs are a nightmare and I've seen far too many dirty laundry days than needed.  Some drink and type.  Mad idea.

My other problem is I hardly check my emails.   Due to some cookie's or expiry problems I haven't been using my  lenasmyth@rock.com   for well over a year now but shall pop up an alternative.  Soon.  Just don't hold your breath. 

There has been, apparently, some little blips on both Blogger and Facebook security.  A poem I had published a few weeks ago had two connecting links in two underlined random words.  One was for some betting nonesense and the other (?)  I haven't a Scooby!  Fixed the problem and hasn't been repeated but it does make you think.  Even just googling your name can have surprising results.

Just wonder who will take the next step to being a pest!  Dear oh, dear oh, dear...............



Gail said...

I do not check anonymous. It sure makes life easy.

Jon said...

I have recently been experiencing similar problems on my blog.

By the way, I hate Facebook

Kathe W. said...

oh hahah Facepuke is a great name for that time sucker! I threw up my hands and deactivated my acct and POW it got reactivated all by itself? Hmmm. Deactivated it again this time with a very nasty new password. So far so good.
I also don't allow anonymous commentors.
Cheers! Love your blog!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I only know of two ways to prevent this: Either dis-allowing anonymous commenting (as you mentioned though you prefer not to do that) or setting up comment moderation. I was getting so much spam that I had to disallow anonymous commenting.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

It appears that many of us are experiencing this problem. Blogger is generally quite good at sucking out spam - but of late, the need has arisen to spring clean spam comments (on blog) on a daily basis.

I really do not want to disallow 'anonymous' - so I guess that if Blogger does not get its act together - spring cleaning will become the norm for me.

Anna :o]

Helena said...

Thanks guys - it helps to know that it's happening elsewhere. Here's hoping we'll all be free of it soon and keep our settings as preferred!