August 09, 2012

Popping Out

  Not had much time this week to 'pie but I've managed a quick nonsense entry.  Will catch yours tomorrow! 

Gladys started changing
into frills and smelling sweet
When Old Ally at short notice
said he'd take her out to eat!

To the new Grande GreeDee Mansion,
with it's first class restuarant 
Where all gentleman's companions
give a fox fur fancy flaunt

Dining in a cosy corner
on a splendid velvet chair
He sipped his malted whiskey -
she felt rather debonair 

The meal was just delicious 
culinary do-delight
If only apple-strudel
lasted long into the night!

The piano gently tinkled
something pleasant, a la mode
Tobacco clouds did thicken
and the French wine freely flowed

Chatter slackened, food digested,
time to bid a fond goodnight
Until stark realization
made his eyes pop out with fright

He changed his mind and wore a jacket - 
not as chilly as he thought
Left his wallet in the pocket 
of the coat that he forgot?!

He tried his best to reason
even Gladys tried a plea
But the boss of posho-noshings
insisted on an exchange fee

Well, old Ally was left fuming
- lo, they wouldn't take his word!
That he'd call back in tomorrow
- pay the bill that he incurred

He was marched into the kitchen
told to stand before a sink
Forced to wash the finest china - 
and dareth not to cause a chink!

The soapy-debt now over,
he sighed a sigh resound
While tucking in his baggy shirt
his wallet tumbled to the ground!


Helen said...

A delightful read .......

Trellissimo said...

What a lovely tale of happenstance! Ha ha! Nice one. :)

Little Nell said...

This is so funny and written with a delightful rhythm that just bounces along. A refreshing take on the prompt too.

Anonymous said...

oh loved this poem. well written
with a lyrical bent.

and yes, we find what we really needed after we need it.

well done!

~T~ said...

Isn't that the way it goes. Fun story!

Brian Miller said...

smiles...i might be kin to this guy...smiles....

~T~ said...

Sorry about your hall--but my magnolia tree sports bright pink blooms. Is that really what you have in mind? :)