August 30, 2012

The Kerry Wives And Windsor

On Sunday, I'll be traveling down to London on the overnight coach. Now all the biopsies are over with, I'm off to spend much needed time and cuggles with my gorgeous, kindhearted, baby girl.  My oldest son, PrettyBoy, is accompanying me this time, but he'll return home a few days before I will. My daughter, Kerri, booked us the tickets for the journey (with National Express) and it was a simple case of printing them off via email.  On my son's ticket she referred to him as * 'Dr. R. Kerry'  and on mine 'Rev. H. Kerry'.* I can't wait to see the driver's face when he's presented with them!  Add this teensy kinda thing as a starter for 10 and you got yourself  some trouble-making, wine-nutted, shameless females, all on their own brand of HRT let loose on the streets of London! Gercha!  Thankfully, for PrettyBoy, Kerri's hubby James is off work, too!  I will also be spending time with my twin sis who resides in Buckinghamshire also.

My baba wants to take us to Windsor. Of all the many visits down south, we've planned but never made it there.   All that Beefeater and raven's stuff fascinates me. My biggest wish is to spend some time in Camden again. I love the gritty music and clothes shops, and the wheens of red buses and weird-savvy people that tread the street - oh, and to have my camera on the proper setting to recapture Banksy's signature on the Thames' tunnel, instead of the crap I botched up last year!
Of course, I am not going back without a purchase from the most famous department store there is!  Might need a miracle to afford what I'd really like, but since my newfound vocation in life, I simply pray I'll be able to fit it in:

       Our Father, who art in Heaven - Harrods be thy name  

 * in case there is a bit confusion title-wise, my daughter's Christian name is the same as my 2nd time round married name!


Helen said...

I have wonderful memories of Windsor and of Harrods!!!! Have a blast with your twin, son and daughter ++ the HRT gals in the UK.

Steven Cain said...

What I wouldn't give to be surrounded by some tangible, weirdly savvy people. Bloggville is nice... but gawd... for the real deal!

Have fun girl!

Jon said...

I have no doubt that your London adventure will be a delightful one.
I didn't know you had a twin sister. Could that possibly be too much of a good thing??

Kobi Ko said...

I'd love to shop at Harrod's, but can only afford Marks & Spencer :) Have fun, Helena!