March 22, 2012

♫ Rubbed Down With A Velvet Glove ♫

When I saw this picture uploaded on Facebook recently (courtesy of my sister-in-law)  I was touched. Even wiped away a tear. It was well over 30 years that I last saw the snap, but remembered it nonetheless. Here I stand with my twin sister and an older friend called Diane Watson. We often sang as a trio, in schools, residential homes, parties, ect. Our harmonies for ones so young were always praised. 

Our biggest thrill was the year we entered (and won) the summer annual talent contest which was hosted in our town's historic Callendar House grounds.  I am struggling to find the winning article and picture in our local rags' archives, and an ever bigger struggle seeking Diane via Facebook!

The song was I Hear Singing (And There's No-one There) and we sang the outro in triple harmony to the massive parks' visitors. I'm not 100% sure of which musical it's from - although Call Me Madam springs to mind.  Here's the original song from 1953 with Donald O'Connor and Ethel Merman in a delightful clash of grace and gravel vocal tones. See......told you my musical youth wasn't all Bay City Rollers and The Osmonds dominated. 

ps...anybody want to harbour a guess as to which twin I am?


Helen said...

I'm going to guess you are the twin on the left. I absolutely love this photo, it is beyond precious. I also sang in a girl trio at about the same age ... my memories are still vivid, how I felt standing in front of the microphone, how I felt when the audience applauded ... all of it!! Thanks for sharing.

Jon said...

Thanks for sharing the sweet photo and fond memories. You're right - the song is from "Call Me Madam".

Dave King said...

Moving post, fascinating blog.

thingy said...

What a wonderful image. Siiiigh.

Off topic. I've been tagged by Kathe W, and now tag you. You just answer eleven questions and tag others if you want to. Stop on by my blog. : )

P.S. Thanks for the wonderful acknowledgment regarding the Magpie Tales!

Jenny Woolf said...

Funny how seeing an old photo can stir you and really make you think. Glad it was a happy memory!

Little Nell said...

What a lovely memory! I know both these songs and must have heard them hundreds of times but why did I not know that the line about the velvet glove came from there? I remember Oz Clarke telling Jilly Goolden on the Food Programme years ago that a certain wine was like being rubbed down with a velvet glove and the phrase gets pulled out by the family ever since, whenever we have a particularly nice wine.

My mother always used to say that Merman had a 'voice like a corncrake' - funny how these two phrases have stuck in my memory too.

Helena said...

Helen - you are spot on!

Jon - That saved me a google!

Dave - thank you.

Thingy - I'll get on to it tomorrow!

Jenny - thanks - I'll pop over for a visit tomorrow!

Little Nell - Ah, nice to see that this song sits in the hearts of many. The title was always my favourite line - but it took year to fully understand the meaning!