March 14, 2012

The Booby Trap and Other Crap

I've been a bit down since the phone call from the hospital saying that there is a suspicious area that the sonographer and consultant both wondered about at my last visit but didn't want to worry me with it at the time until they had consulted each other again. Ironically, the needle biopsy came back clear, all safe and well and the little lump is just a passing visitor. He should be gone completely in a few weeks. Now the radiographer wants a needle-core biopsy to remove cells from a lumpy area that I never even knew I had. It's concerning lymph nodes or the likes by my right breast armpit.  What a buggering pest.......!  Most of the time they are benign but just in case.  I thought I'd said tatty-bye-bye to all the poking and prodding, too. Hey-hoe...! It has, however, made me more determined to keep abreast of the charity night's developments  Yes, that cringe-worthy pun WAS on purpose.

Having no internet connection has been a pain as well.  My suppliers - Virgin - had an area fault around ten days ago. The whole of the neighbourhood's internet  was down  for 24hrs and guess whose connection was the only one not to be accepted again by their modem....?  I have to receive a refund but if there is no huge bunch of flowers or money-off tokens from my next balloon trip, I'll be furious!!!

The one and only thing that has lured me out into the social world this past fortnight has been my youngest son's debut band appearance at Scotland's most sought after venue Not every act gets to grace that stage - you must prove your worth first.  I don't know what it is about King Tuts in Glasgow, but it really does bring the best out in performers and the fans.  I loved the rapport between both. What makes it even more special is finding reviews and video's from some-one you don't know bigging them up on Blogger.  Thank you, Caitlin for this:


thingy said...

I have been thinking about you. Stay strong, but it's okay to shed a tear or two.

Steven Cain said...

Darlin! Didn't know you were going through all that shite. Sorry. Glad to hear though, it's passing.

The boys sound great. Dig that song.

Be well.

Helena said...

Thingy - thank you so much. It's nice to know I was missed. Chin's starting to keep up a bit more now, I think!

Steve - thank you, too! It helps to vent feelings and fear via keyboards. And thanks for the video view. Little comments mean so much to the guys....(and me but don't tell anyone....!).

Anonymous said...

Keep yer pecker up, missus.....! Things will be fine.

chiccoreal said...

Dear Lena: Sending lots of healing vibes to you~! If you need a shoulder to lean on; you have one~! I've been researching on my Facebook page(JaLen Jones) any cures etc as my Dad is sick and I heard something about apricot seeds (of course check with your dr first). I think the body gets out of whack, too acidic, etc. I also heard that there are so simple cures, like turmeric, even an aspirin a day is to lower risk by 35 percent which is quite huge. So there are things, but it seems that there is no motivation as drs dont get rich from cures. So we have to be our best advocates and do the searches etc. Now they say mammograms arent to be used as often as they are. Who knows what to believe? Prayer for me still works, and belief...Totally awesome about your son's newest gig~!!! Rockin' Glasgow~!

Helena said...

Thank you so much Chicco. That really means a lot to