March 02, 2011

Shrove Blooded Tuesday

 This week's prompt conjured up pancakes via the fork and lemon and as Pancake Day is not long away either I felt it apt. The 'blood' inspired me to take this historic little trip................

Say nae to manners, a kingdom inquiet
Where the crux of the day seeks the thrill of the riot
Custom be tying a cock to the stake
Where they'd throw coksteles, hear their little bones break

Gave up on decent, to give up for Lent
Masses outwith Him, scathed and Hell-bent 
Shriller than birdsong, a whisper aloud
Whose piety slinks through the gaps in the crowd.

Loose tongues a lollop their sins from the pit
11a.m. sparked the start of the flit
A passionate penance, of shame and of brawn
24 hours later, vestige has all gone

Shroving on Tuesday till Ash taketh over
And sees home morality from the marauder
Keeping them fuelled on this moronic day 
Was the golden supply to this hungry soiree

Tossing them, flipping, the sizzle of butter
A mangle of taut tongues, so anxious to utter
No mercy given, no truth untold
What a tasty transgression for one to uphold


Mary said...

Very nicely done! Always love the word 'soiree' :o)

Kim Nelson said...

Love the meter and the rhyme

Tumblewords: said...

A wonderful read -

Trellissimo said...

Loose tongues a lollop their sins from the pit

That smacks of lemons, and no mistake! LOL

Helen said...

Intensity in poem form ... WOW! Tis the season.

Reflections said...

Love the rhythm here. Great write.

Leslie said...

This is the second magpie I've read with mention of "shrove tuesday" and "pancake day." I had no idea what either meant... so I looked them up. Now you've taught me something, and in the very best way to learn... through humor and creativity!

Steven Cain said...

Anything involving pancakes is brilliant.

Well done!

Steven Cain said...

I just noticed, Lena that your Magpie 'Lemon' photo has a bottle in it. Mine doesn't. Curious.

Lena said...

Hey Steven - well spotted. I like mucking about with originals. I could never accept a job at Tate Gallery......