March 14, 2011

Hoots! To The Irish In Me!

(When I saw the shamrock it took me straight back to my old dad and his tales! Always the joker. He always said that I had Irish blood somewhere in there due to my thick, golden-red hair and pale, pale skin. This one's for you, dad!)

 My father sat combing my long golden hair
Fresh from the bathroom was I
"I've a secret to tell you", he said with a frown
I let out a worrying sigh

'What is it, dad?" I asked at his side
I gulped and my heart raced in horror.
"I'm not who you think I am, dear, sweet, Ellie."
"I'm greener than tartan,... begorrah."

"I was born in the woodlands in Ireland, my dear
"Though I sound very Scottish indeed..."
"I'm a leprechaun - magical - turned into man
...but I'm from the same enchanted breed!"

"Why do you think that I do disappear?"
"For a week, from the 17th March?
I have to go home and meet all me mates!"
"Have a drink, for all Ireland's then parched!"

I tutted and picked up the comb from the floor
And handed it to him again
"Just get out the tangles and stop all this stuff!"
He went in to his giggling feign.

"I'll tell you why, you manic old man....
We all have some Irish love in us..!!
"But you're back from the pub with Paddy O'Nair
"And you're both tanked up well on the Guiness!"

And to further blend the Celtic in Irish tribute from my favourite Scottish duo: Sean by The Proclaimers  (listening optional)


Kim Nelson said...

Great little read.

Anonymous said...

This is great! Laughing out loud.

DebbyMc said...

What fun!

Friko said...

Good, another irreverent one. The Irish are such fun, they cannot be treated with over much respect.
Wouldn't want to, the Guinness won't let them.

Anonymous said...

Very, very funny...this was excellent. Vb

Jingle said...

lovely humor,
fabulous tale.

Helen said...

Gotta love this ... that rainbow is classic!!

Christine said...

The funniest person I know is Irish, named Pat, I miss her stories a lot. This was fun to read.

Lena said...

Oh thank you ladies. It was easier to write than expected. Me old da must have been looking down on me...with a pint of Guinness held over my head, no doubt!

~T~ said...

My dad's a storyteller, too. Fun poem!

Lyn said...

What a Dad!! Precious..put me in a very good mood!!

Lucy Westenra said...

Resonatingly comical!

Anonymous said...

Very appropriate for St Patrick's Day. Love and Light.

Anonymous said...

happy St. Patrick's Day! Love it!

Emily Young said...

I think your dad would be very proud - and laughing out loud with the rest of us. This is delightful.

Leslie said...

Haha! My dad was Irish, so I appreciate this a lot : )

Kathe W. said...

oh too funny!!!!! Great poem!

Lolamouse said...

This gave me a well needed laugh. Thanks.