March 30, 2011

The Mona & Groaner

He had to go and done it - mix our home and 'new' antiques
He's what you call a bit 'très graves', while I'm more tongue-in-cheek

Disorganisation is my throttle to his cool
Hearty, smarty, artifacts V everybody's fool

Then through the door he battled with a print of ten by ten
I feared I'd never see that sticky fingered wall again!

Ms. Mona ruddy Lisa, with her beady little stare
All that secrecy and numbers...who gives a hoot if they are there?

She stalls our guests for ages, champagne warming in the glass
(Just pop a straw into that flute for an extra bit of class!).

Gee, she isn't pretty (if she's a she at all)
Who'd give her a second glance - umbrella of the ball.

Yet, still they flock to see her - these madmen of the Louvre
And all she does is sit there (La un-sequential oeuvre)

I hear her sigh most twilights, keeping me from slumber
Biddy eyes that steal your gaze - a masterpiece encumber

She's hung out in the guest room, the basement and the hall
Getting goggled at by everyone with 'oohs' and 'aaahs'  and alls.

She's clashed with all my glitters, this pinnacle of pain
I've prayed to God I'd never see that 'maybe' smile again!

What hold does one so haughty,  have over Banksy's best?
Davinci felt like he's da-man, in silent-strokes behest?

I've often thought about it - her demise - quite unrefined
(A dart board and some arrows were the first to come to mind.)

Seems I'm stuck with her for ever - oily, spoily lady muck
Had her mouth been grinning ear-to-ear, who'd give a flying .................


Steven Cain said...


Love it.

Albereez said...

Hi Lena, Thanks for checking out my page and my poetry. Yes I would like to join another poetry group. sounds like fun. Nice blogs by the way.

Sue J said...

Good one! It made me laugh. I love the bit about the darts :)

Helen said...


Lucy Westenra said...

Very fine rhyming couplets. Wish I could!

Steve Isaak said...

Clever lead-up, love the last two end-lines.

Jingle said...

thoughtful thoughts,

you placed her everywhere
and allow us to make serious stare,

enjoyed the plots and masterful tale.

Trellissimo said...

I've often thought about it - her demise - quite unrefined
(A dart board and some arrows were the first to come to mind.)

My favourite lines of all Magpies!! I think Ada harbours the same wish for Caddoc, more often than not

chrisd said...

Darts! LOLOL

Mari said...

This was perfect reading for tonight! Thanks for writing and sharing it; I needed something light. Perfect ending.