February 24, 2011

Parting Pieces / Jiggered Out

Choose and lift your sections
And keep them all in mind
Breath in the scene, serenity
Took care to leave behind

If partially they're missing
Slowly aiming to deplete
We'll take them with us everywhere
Secure while incomplete

Eventually we'll find us
Fitting in the scenery
For I cannot lay the biggest piece
Until you lay with me


They rattled and fell, in a shower of curves
Little hands spread the pieces in vivacious verve
Helping my niece ('til her parents were back)
Build a huge cardboard jigsaw, of mare pulling cart.

First, found the edges (and corners of course)
To encircle the beautiful, white shire horse
Gathering colours that probably matched
Pray with a thump that the piece would attach!

Building and building, not getting too far
Come out, you white beauty, where ever you are!!
'Won't let this beat us, we'll get there perforce!!
Despite just connecting the ass of the horse!

Pulling my hair out, quite near to crying
Why were the bloody blue bits not complying..?!
How hard was it really, to join up a colour
Exactly the same as they are to each other..!!

Slowly - then quickly the image appeared
Relief, pride, exhaustion, a victory cheer!
The picture was ten times the size of the lid
Could not wait to show off the jiggy we did!

Then in trots big Bud, comes a-crossing the floor
Old paws dislodging the bits from the core
Sits on it, drools, a huge swish of the tail
Bits flying all roads - there goes our travail!

I'll never do jigsaws again in a hurry
Bring me out in rash, get me all hot and surly
And I'm just watching Bud as he playfully frolics
I was so close to hanging that dog by the bollocks!


Kristen Haskell said...

I have a cat that steals pieces and you think that one was hard. You should try the Norman Rockwell with the three umps at the ball field. The whole darn thing is black or some variation of black. I really enjoyed your Magpie and could totally relate.

Lolamouse said...

Your first piece was beautiful and haunting. Then the second made me laugh. Reminded me of an OLD memory of when I was a really young child and my dog used to steal pieces from my jigsaw puzzles and chew them behind the sofa. My mother was hugely pregnant and couldn't get behind the sofa to retrieve them for me. I would get SO upset! Wow, hadn't thought of that in years!

Mariya Koleva said...

The first one is so beautiful - I love it, even though it is melancholic (or perhaps just because of that).
And the second one is so funny and with such nice imagery - I like particularly the specifics and details of the setting. We have a cat who likes to play with the pieces. It's hilarious! Thank you for reminding me that, we haven't played for a loooong time now. We should try it again and see what the cat will do.
Best, Mary


Nice reading

Tess Kincaid said...

I especially enjoyed the first piece. Beautiful, Lena.

Lena said...

Thank you so much, guys. I appreciate every reader. I've not been around much this time as I've had family visiting but business as usual for P55!

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

fabulous piece..
keep it up.